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Rest Days


Hello CT, unrelated but I saw you had off days programmed in the shoulder program and wondering what your view on off/rest days are currently?

can you still do "strength practice" work? there's different views here ranging from copmlete off (light walking) to no rest days needed to active recovery etc.

Complete rest day = pyschologically challenging (bored) and CNS "off" next day. Active rest day = good but how far can one push this?

Obviously depends on context/program but lets say a layer type of system, one main lift, ramp up to a 3-5 RM, one-two assistance lifts which you favor (broadly speaking)? Thank you


I generally put OFF days in the programs I put online because most people can’t/won’t train 6-7 days a week. I’d rather give an option that most people can follow and adjust upwards with people who want and can train more often.

That having been said, a shoulder spec program is tricky. The delts are involved in so many actions that most “other” training that could be added on off days could prevent you from recovering properly.

And I’m always careful about recommending more work without knowing the person I’m working with because most of us are stimulus addicts who tend to do too much if we are given the option.