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Rest Days Suck


doesn't is just suck that lifting heavy isn't an everyday activity?


If you can recover fine from your workouts and can lift everyday, go ahead and do it. Some people have great recovery capacity and eat enough. (ex: waylander)


Oh no...I love my recovery days!


Me too, I love my off days.

Back when I was hitting it six days a week I was constantly wrecked and in a shut mood all the time.

I guess some people can hack it, i couldnt though being a beginner.


Actually, being a beginner you should be able to lift everyday...because you aren't lifting heavy enough weight to require major muscle repair yet.

Not saying you as an individual should be able to, everybody is different. But, beginners should know that training everyday is ok.


Lifting heavy is great but the next day i sometimes struggle to stay awake let alone make it to the gym for another heavy workout.


maybe that's my problem. i think i'm just impatient. i'm going to start doing some of those weighted carries and sprints on my off days...


You know, the training police aren't going to arrest you if you workout two days in a row.


Not unless you tip them off lol :wink:


If you dont need a rest day, dont take one.