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Rest Day Nutrition

I feel my work day nutrition is getting closer to being spot on. Now I’m trying to dial in my rest day nutrition. I’ve read many articles speaking of consuming a great percentage of your daily carbs around your workout, and ALSO that you should consume just as many carbs on your rest days for recovery. So how does this relate to the timing and type of my rest day carbs? If I’m consuming 120g of simple carbs around my work out, and not having a heavy workout on my rest days, do I still need the 120g of simple carbs? Or should I just forgo them? Or add 120g of complex carbs spread through out my rest day? Thanks ahead for any advice!

You’re getting pretty detailed here. Impressive if you are on point with daily calories and macros and are looking to optimise meal timing and food composition

I’m not Mike Israetel but 120g complex spread throughout the day sounds better