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Rest Day Important?


Hi, how are you guys (and girls) doing?

Do you think it's important to take one day off a week from physical activities -- a complete rest day?

I box and run 4X per week, and then on top of that, lift weights about 4X per week.

My schedule looks something like this:

Mondays: Lifting,
Tues: Boxing
Wed: Lifting
Thurs: Boxing
Fri: running, Lifting
Sat, lifting
Sun, Running



I don't see four running days so I can't make a real good observation or give you an idea on how to create a full day off.

I will say that there is no rule that you have to take a full day off each week. I would strongly reccommend doing so, but I see fanatics who do 7 workouts a week.

My advice would be to take a Sunday and go for a casual walk instead of a run. Give the joints a break. Aid in overall recovery.

If you just can't make yourself do that, wait until you hurt yourself and then you'll have some time to recuperate.


What kind of boxing are you doing? Pro, Amateur (Olympic style), or are you training for the fun of it?


Yes take a day off dammit...

Rest, sleep, lay around, eat, rejuvinate...

It helps immensley


I box 2X per week and run 2X per week.

I am just boxing for fun, but train as hard as anyone!

Thanks for the replies


Don't confuse effort with productivity.
I see guys who work 30 hours a week do twice the work as some that put in 50.

I'm not just throwing out a bash here. It's not all about how 'hard' you train.