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Rest Between Sets for Hypertrophy


Ive been lifting for some months now, but i want to get bigger in the shortest time possible, currently i can lift more than my bodywieght (87) in the big three. But i was wondering how much time do i have to rest between sets to maximize hypertrophy? Some trainers tell me that 30 seconds is enough and some say 1 or 2 minutes.. im rly confused now.


Long enough to be ready to ive 100% on your next set. Not longer. Start out at 1 minute. Bump it to 2 when you need to.

This isn't really that important a part of training unless you're following a lifting protocol that specifically limits rest (Meltdown, German Body Comp, anything by Waterbury).


This. Yep.

Your profile says you've been doing "BB" for three years. What's the deal?

Who doesn't? :wink:

If you can bench your bodyweight, you dang well better be deadlifting much more than your bodyweight.

Like Otep said, you want to rest as little as possible without it interfering in your next set. As you become more experienced in the gym and learn to listen to your body, you'll be able to know the best time to say, "Okay, go!"

It also depends a lot on how you're training and what type of program you're doing. A routine that has a lot of heavy, low rep work or a lot of intensity techniques (like DC training, which you shouldn't be doing as a beginner) will take more out of you on each set, so you'll need to rest longer. More moderately-higher rep sets aren't as relatively draining, so you can knock them out more quickly.

And just to give you a total headtrip, in EDT training, it almost doesn't matter how long or short you rest between sets.

Rest periods are only one factor in the whole scheme of your program. You need to look at the entire plan to figure out what needs fine-tuning.

What do your workouts look like?

And since you're talking about adding mucho size mucho fast, what exactly is your nutrition like?


I usually wait until my breathing slows down which takes 45 seconds to 2 minutes depending on what i'm doing (bicep curls vs deadlifting)


Thanks for all the advice. My routine is low reps with heavy weight. I bench 110, squat 140, and deadlift 180. I currently weight around 87.

Regarding my nutrition im currently on a "hyperproteic diet that a nutritionist gave me, its around 7000 calories a day.


Wouldn't be rare to need 6-7 minutes rest between sets for this