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Rest Between Reps?

How should I rep between reps aiming hypertrophy and strenght, doing 6-8 reps by set?

I see on the website videos pretty much rest between reps…

What’s the best way to do it? First of not to rest and doing it at the end of the set? Rest even after the first rep?

With biceps curls for example I allways hesistate to keep continuous tension or to lay the barbell on my thighs…


Don’t rest at all between reps, then rest as long as you need between sets. This will be different for different people and different exercises, but probably in the 1-3 minutes range.

So should i keep continuous tension? But i’d have rest between reps in the last reps?

And why do they rest so much in the video ? Is it strenght training?


By continuous tension do you mean flexing between sets?

At the bottom of the movement, I like to pause for half a second then do it.

People usually only rest between sets, not sure what you mean by “[resting] so much in the video.” Strength training’s rest period are much longer than circuits which often have no rest periods at all.

For isolation excercises like curls, you will typically get better results by keeping continuous tension on the target muscle during both phases of the lift and likewise between reps. For multi-joint lifts like squats and bench presses, it is typically O.K. to pause for a short period at the top/bottom of the lift.

Look. This subject is somewhat substantial. You will get a lot of different answers. And rightly so because there is no one way to do it.

A 20 rep set of squats with your 10-12 rep max is going to require rest in between reps towards the end of the set.

Your first set of standing bicep curls should have no rest between reps. But you are still lifting in a controlled fashion to keep the focus on the target muscle.

Rest in between sets is also variable. Rest long enough to make your next set productive but not longer than necessary. Heavy compound lifts will require more rest than lateral delt raises e.g.

Get the picture?

I’m assuming you are talking about the IBB program. You should not be messing with that stuff just yet.

Read the stickies on this forum. And to answer your other question, it depends on what you’re trying to do. I’d say rest as little as you need to, as long as the quality of your reps and sets don’t suffer. People training for powerlifting might go longer between 2-5 minutes when working with heavier weights for doubles/triples/maxes.

[quote]Jean-Porte wrote:
But i’d have rest between reps in the last reps?

If you are talking about a rest-pause (do as many reps as possible, rest for 5 seconds, do another 1-2 reps) you usually just do this on the last set, kind of as a ‘finisher’.