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Rest Between Exercises

We have spoken so much of the rest between the sets, but how much rest between the exercises (for size, for power and for strenght)?

Is there an article in T-Nation that speaks of this matter?

I can’t pinpoint you to a specific article, but I can share you what works for me, and I based these on what I read here.

I rest 3 minutes between sets and 5 minutes between exercises. This made me stronger than any other rest interval. I do this when I apply cluster training.

As for size, I rest 90 seconds between sets and 3 minutes between exercises. I get a wonderful pump during and after workouts. I don’t get too strong though, but I grow a lot quicker. I do these in my 5x5 workouts.

For power, I rest 60 seconds. I have only tried power training once, so I can’t give you some of my results yet.

From a strength perspective I say rest as long as you need on both. On average I take 3 to 4 minutes between sets on the heavy worksets and sometimes as long as 10 minutes if I’m training at or near my 1 rep max. rest between the exercises doesn’t really matter for me.

Basically the time it takes to unload or reload the bar, change shoes or gear, get a drink of water, rechalk, etc is usually all the time I need.

Also the rest between the exercises (of the same muscular group and of different muscular groups) is a variable of the training.

Why don’t the trainers ever speak of this?

Typically rest intervals vary with the intensity and the fitness level…Basics are 1m rest for 10RM and 15 sec less for each additional 2 reps and 15 sec more for each time you go 2 reps less of your 1RM. For example 12 reps get about 45 sec rest…and 8 reps get about 1m 15 sec rest. But this is generally speaking… you can use rest intervals as a training variable to make your workouts more challenging by decreasing rest time.