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Rest Between Exercises

Being new, I tried to use the search function but have been unable to come up with any articles.

My question is about the rest period between exercises. I have been wasting away in high volume, high rep, blah blah workouts. In this transition to the real world, where workouts actually work, I have to wonder how much to weight until I move on to the next exercise.

For example, I am on the Waterbury Method. After completing the 10x3 set, how long should I wait before heading to the A1/A2 set?

In the past, I would wait about 5 minutes, after doing a strength based set.

I promise that I searched “rest period between exercises” and “rest between exercises”, etc with nothing concrete. For the most part, all I can find are rest periods for between sets.

Thanks for your help. I haven’t stopped reading this site, since I found it.

Inbetween the set groups or exercises if you want you can wait. I usually dont No need to play in the gym. I wait just long enough to load the weight etc then get at it.

Thanks for the reply Phill. Still a newbie to strength and total body training.

For example, I did 10 sets of squats at 3 reps. My next exercise pairing was dips/rows. How long after I finish my tenth set on squats should I wait before heading to dips/rows?

I take it you head right over there and get started. After those squats, I was out of breath(poor conditioning, all over GPP this week), so I waited five minutes before my dips/rows.

Usually after squats and other heavy compounds movements the process of unloading the bar and putting away the collars and writing down my reps/notes provides me with enough rest to proceed directly to the next exercise. 45-75 seconds max.

With other movements such as DB presses, dips, pulldowns/pullups I go directly to the next exercise as quickly as possible. Usually about 30 seconds.

[quote]Pacman wrote:
I take it you head right over there and get started. After those squats, I was out of breath(poor conditioning, all over GPP this week), so I waited five minutes before my dips/rows.[/quote]

Yeah. No rest up to a few or 5 minutes is ok. I try to look at rest time in that situation as time between work sets. If you just finish a set of 3 squats, unrack the weight, and go knock out a warmup for each of your next exercises, it takes a couple of minutes. Rest 2 or 3 more and you should be good to go.

In a busy place like 24 hr fatness, it pays to plan. Around set 5 of 10, i’m looking to set up camp for the next exercise. I may also do a couple of warmups during my breaks such that when done, I’m ready to go straight to work sets on that next exercise. Carrying lots of shit into the gym helps (towel, gallon of water, dip belt, bag, journal, jergens, kleenex … oh, n/m those last two)


Thanks for the help.

By chance, is this discussed anywhere by the authors? Perhaps, I am just over-analyzing.

I did it at pace today. Completed the exercise sets and moved right on to the next exercise warmups…worked well.

thanks for the help.

I hate you all for finding this site before me!

Wait as long as you feel necassary. If your poorly conditioned obviously your going to need more rest then someone who is in great shape. Unload your squats and move over and setup your next exercise, if you still feel out of breath rest a bit. Really no science to it.

I usually do a 60 second breather. It’s not long but it keeps me in just enough shape that I don’t puke when I start cardio season.