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Rest Before Comp


i have a meet coming up on the 14th of march, but these past two weeks i have been doing a much lighter version of my program due to being really worn out. my question is, how much will this effect my lifts at the competition?


You have three full weeks to recover which should be enough. Cut the volume down and up the intensity next week. I would work up to a handful of singles at 85-90% next week, work up to a 90-92% opener the next week, and take the final week easy if I were in the same situation. The last week of recovery would depend on if you needed that much time in past experiences to hit a PR.

Those heavy singles should be smooth and I probably wouldn’t do accessory work if I were that worn down. Others on here have more experience with peaking so you’ll probably get better advice on the details. But for the main approach, you definitely need to lift heavy to get ready for a max and drop volume since you’re behind in recovery.


thats what i was thinking. my warm up sets next week lead up to a heavy triple, and the next week leads up to a heavy single. so im not to worried anymore. this is my first year actually competing, so im still learning some of this.


That should work fine. Good luck!


thanks! illbe sure to post any prs that happen this coming meet