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Rest and Recovery


ok everyone what are your opinions on proper rest and recovery

right now i am training 4 to 5 days a week for about 3 months then taking 2 weeks off

would you say i need more or less rest or does this sound right on

its been a while scince i bought a muscle magazine so any advice on were to go to get the latest information on these type of topics would be great


i am in favor of both

your plan is probably not ideal. here is a good site for more information:



wow...two weeks is way too long in my book. This has been discussed before, I'd do a search and you'll get tons of answers and tons of people's opinions.

I do a four day on, one day off routine...The most I can ever force myself to take off is three days in a row...but even that's rare.

So needless to say I don't follow my own advice. But a good rule of thumb is to take one, ONLY ONE, week off about every four months.


i disagree. 2 weeks off after 3 months of training is fine in my book. As long as you do cardio or other exercises that are not as hard on your CNS. Ride a bike or go on a hike during that time.

I have been having a great training year and have taken a few 1 week breaks, but am taking 2 weeks off in a week to give my joints, CNS, and mind recovery time while enjoying some all around outdoor recreation for the summer time.

In my opinion 4 days in a row of lifting might be too much. Try 2 on, 1 off and you might not need 2 weeks off. Do what your mind and body tell you to do, plus what you want. Now there is the all telling equation, with insteresting answers.


But a good rule of thumb is to take one, ONLY ONE, week off about every four months.

that is not a good rule of thumb.

determining how much time off is needed and how often the time off is needed depends on all the variables of training.


good points except that wise ass jog

i dont train 4 days in a row sorry i know the routine was vauge

i read along time ago that if the body is overtrained it needs 2 weeks before it can respond to training

also i figure its better to be a hair under trained then a hair over

off a 2 week break would you say 3 months is enough to get overtrained with a hard but reasonable wieght routine or more like 4 6 whatever


im pretty sure it should work out better to take 1 week off every 6 weeks than then 2 weeks off after 3 monthes. im partial to 3 weeks hard 1 week easy. jack reape's back off and grow is a great article that you should check out. correct me if im wrong but i belive i read 3 weeks hard training where you cannot fully recover and you should then have a back off week. but 6 weeks training in which you fully recover between workouts then youd take 1 back off week. the metal militia trains 3 weeks on 1 week completly off. test and see what works best for yourself.


alot of the hard or easy i do by feel

6 weeks is not long enough to need a break off a fresh start

it doesnt half to be 3 months exact i would say between 3 and 6 but six is pushing it

again does anyone have a rough idea about how long it would take to get overtrained off a fresh start on a good hard routine


what the f is a metal malitia


muscle rags are the last place youll get up to date information, accepte on more supplements that will work that hard earned cash out of your pocket. go to the local library or university library and sit down for a few hours and look through the journal of stength and conditioning journals, lots and lots of good info


As I already stated...everyone has their own idea and their own opinion. And of course everyone is right. But I'll still say two weeks off is way too much.


an opinion and 2.00 dollars gets a cup off coffee i was hoping for some facts

even if there rough or second hand

that library idea was good but i doubt my library has that

where are the T-Nation writers when you need them


ok buddy

great articles for you to read

all will help you with your question. i would also look up Jack Reapes peaking on demand, it is not on T-Nation


i dissagree with 6 weeks isnt long enough. 6 monthes is too long without taking a break unless you are a complelte begginer. you can get over trained in 2 weeks. it depends what you are doing