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Rest After Powerlifting

How many days should I take off after a Powerlifting meet? I was thinking a week but I am not sure.

Depends on when you’re going to compete again and how you feel. After my last meet I took a full week off and did some active rest - I skied for five days :-). I just competed again yesterday and will start training again for a meet in June on Tuesday with some light speed work. I don’t have the usual “run over by a truck” feeling that I have gotten in the past after this meet and not a lot of time before the next one so I can’t afford a layoff. My advice would be if you feel like you can take a week off because you don’t have a comp. coming up soon, to take the week off - you’ll be better for it in the long run.

I am going to take a week off. The meet kiked my ass. Thanks for the advise.

I started on Thursday after my meet with max effort upper body for threes.

I’m all for the week off after a meet.

I believe that not only will that be good to assist in physically recovering, but mental as well. The mind plays such a significant role in strength sports that it may need a “rest”, too. And I think it’s good during that week to spend the time reassessing your training to better deal with any weaknesses that were apparent at the meet.

While I have yet to compete in a power lifting meet (first one to be in October); I do take anywhere from a couple of days to a week off after bodybuilding contests. This is to just “veg” and reassert myself into “normal” daily activities; you know, life.

I have not done real power meet yet ether. The meet I attended was one at my University. Only students could enter. I will be entering real meets in the future. I can’t wait.