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Response from HRT Place That Uses Pellets



I went to my primary care physician and had some blood work done. It turns
out I am indeed low in Testosterone. It was 270

A couple of questions:

  1. How does HRC control testicular atrophy when placing a man on
    testosterone therapy? Is HCG part of your treatment protocol?

  2. How does HRC combat male breast enlargement? I understand there are
    medications available to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.
    Does HRC prescribe aromatase inhibitors such as arimidex as part of the
    treatment protocol?

My primary care physician just prescribed testosterone cypionate, which by
itself may be a huge mistake.

I don’t want to end up with a bunch of side effects. I’m hoping HRC
medical can address these in your treatment protocol?"

“Testicular atrophy occurs in 10% of all males who are on HRT. That is
something that we would have no idea on until the patient presents with it.
It has no merit on the size of the penis. We do not incorporate HCG with
our HRT. If medically necessary we do prescribe estrogen blockers if your
testosterone binds. We do not recommend testosterone cypionate however it’s
your body and you need to do what is right for you. I hope I have answered
all of your questions.”

"Why do you not recommend testosterone cypionate? Is it not a bio-identical hormone?

How do you address atrophy in case it occurs?"

“From what Dr. Huertas stated it’s an injection that can cause scar tissue. It is synthetic so you run the risk of increased blood pressure, headaches, nausea, vomiting, rashes at the injection site etc… If atrophy occurs we just lower the next dose. It’s a pretty simple fix. It happens when your levels get to high. If you are currently at 270 on testosterone you would feel so much better around 800-1000 without getting too high and with less side effects.”

From what I’ve learned here, I think I need to avoid these guys (HRC Medical in Dallas). Not to mention they charge $4000 a year for treatment…

“Test Cyp scars but our surgical implants leave no scars at all”

Just some quick info regarding testosterone supplementation.

1> Testosterone supplements do not prevent testicular atrophy or shrinkage.
In fact, they are known to cause testicular shrinkage, although apparently only after long term use.
This is because the body no longer has to rely on the testicules to produce the testosterone as the testosterone comes from the alternative sources.
I hear that this may cause infertility for some.

2> I am not sure what you mean by male breast enlargement, however, i do know that testosterone helps build muscle especially in the pectoral area. I have testosterone deficiency and have naturally chucky big leg muscles but almost no chest muscles and no strength or power. I am not a weight lifter but i did do judo and bjj for some time, and had a problem with using strength based on chest muscles.

Sure. there may be side effects such as testosterone reduction, but this may be a small price for what you gain, as the effects of testosterone deficiency is pretty horific. I know, as I have lived for the past 20 years with the effects of it. Effects such as chronic fatigue, sleep problems (need more sleep than most), irritability, anxiety, loss of libedo, cognitive impairment (brain fuzz hard to concentrate) and other delibetating symptoms. In short, even being infertile and having small gonads is nothing compared to the problems of such illnesses.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
“Test Cyp scars but our surgical implants leave no scars at all”[/quote]

BTW, Test CYP with a 29g insulin pin in the skin/fat on your abdomen does not scar or hurt.
Just did my first self admin shot yesterday, and for real, I did not feel the thing break my skin. This is from a guy on a fear of needles scale of 1-10 weighs in at total pussy.