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Responding to BLM/Antifa Harassment and Threats

Things have changed since 2009. It’s well known that they are heavily biased to the left, just like wikipedia.

I didn’t post that thinking that this is about to happen beyond any doubt, just wait and see where things go and if you see alleged Trump supporters rioting then there is a possible explanation.

What’s your source for that conclusion?

As for Snopes, reading some of their articles first of all. But is seems like common knowledge, just see all the pages that come up in this search:

As for things changing since 2009, just look at what is going on in the world and the drastically increased left-right polarization. You have to be blind not to see that. Both sides are filled with bullshit propaganda, and Snopes is just another propaganda outlet.

Ok, I don’t know enough about snopes to argue. But, I will say, it seems pretty convenient to be able to say: if anti-Trumpers are rioting, it’s antifa and BLM behind it. If pro-Trumpers are rioting, it’s also antifa behind it.

Do you realize that your link, which shows numerous search results provides no credible evidence that Snopes is left leaning? Just wondering.

Also, do you realize that in addition to “left leaning polarization” there’s been an equal, if not greater move to the right by others? If not, go read some old speeches by either of the Bush’s or Reagan, all three of whom would have been blasted by the ultra right wing today as being Obama-esque socialist/communists.

Perhaps the seemingly left wing bias of Snopes is a result of so much bullshit being put out by trolls of Russian, US, or other origin. I don’t doubt that it’s occurred to some leftist shits to pull off some false flag ops, just like it has probably occurred to some right wing nutjobs to do the same. But the vast majority of this stuff you here about on Twitter, FB etc. is trolljob scare tactics to befuddle the dimwitted. Don’t be a befuddled dimwit.


Words to live by.

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But pro-Trumpers aren’t rioting yet and BLM and Antifa aren’t hiding. If Trump supporters start to then keep this in mind, that’s all I’m saying.

It proves that many people feel that it is.

That’s why I said “left-right” and not “left leaning”. Both sides are fucked up, but the left is worse. Qanon is complete insanity though, Orson Welles must be spinning in his grave.

I don’t know about that. “There are good, fine people on both sides”. Trump was acknowledging that protests had both extremes in their midst.

Also, though, this type of narrative is taken straight from the Trump playbook:

If I win the election and have more electoral college votes, it’s because I earned the win and the people have spoken.

If I lose the election, it’s because the left cheated and it shouldn’t count.

Sounds more like he considers some Democrat voters to be good people.

The Dems didn’t accept the result of the last election. Not my president? Like I said, both sides are fucked, except Trump isn’t a Marxist and doesn’t defend Marxists. That’s pretty much all he has going for him.

The issue is that Snopes seems to “debunk” statements by conservatives that are pretty much true but mistaken on some relatively unimportant point, while finding statements from the left to be “mostly true” when they have a kernel of truth but are wildly embellished.

Is that a poster or flyer? That would mean it was mass printed and circulated physically. Surely they can’t be that stupid?

Who knows, but never underestimate the stupidity of useful idiots.

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Disparities? How about these? Systemic racism? Black lives?

Scroll through, knocked his teeth out. In other videos you can see the antifa flag being flown.

That is fucking disgraceful. Antifa are all terrorists and should be locked up… Masked weasels need to be brought to swift justice.


Their parents should stop paying their cell phone bills.

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue?

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Apparently this actually exists (conducted a quick Google search). A rule 34 appears to exist for weed… Whatever ridiculous name you can think of, there’s probably some type of cannabis branded under that name.

There’s a strain called “purple monkey balls”…

@Beyond_Beyond I believe antifa have yet to be formally labelled as a terrorist organisation, though if reports within the media are to be taken at face value they do appear to meet the designated criteria. They have a point to convey (preaching anti-racism, anti-fascist rhetoric), but they go way too far, resorting to harassment, rioting, violence etc.

I doubt they’ll never gain significant mainstream traction as a significant body of antifa supporters support extremist political ideologies alongside the lines of anarchism and communism.

I’ve seen the concerning reports regarding antifa inducing chaos, but I tend to believe said reports are steeped in sensationalism. I’m sure they cause trouble, but I don’t think they represent a legitimate threat to the average American way of life (support base is too low).

Yeah. I have some inkling of these strains/names/combos due to some investigation and investment into the industry, and an old buddy that is always smoking some rainbow dragon dookie.

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Like a psychedelic rorschach test.

When I was a kid…

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Hey Unreal, Antifa probably won’t gain mainstream support, but they don’t need to. In any revolution its usually only 10-15% of violent arseholes organised politically that are needed to bully the rest of the population that just wants a quiet, peaceful life.
They are the militant spearhead of the a vast number of neo marxists that have slowly infiltrated the media, education, politics and the public service/deep state, over the last 50-60 years.

Even so they have a large, dare I say mainstream support in places like Portland and Seattle. Mayors and Governors who support their defund the Police intentions.

We have seen that their anti racist, anti fascist rhetoric is a smokescreen to convince people(and themselves) they are fighting for good. What decent person would be against someone who is against racism or fascism? Therefore anyone who doesn’t agree with them automatically must be a racists and or a fascist.
They fight racism with racism, and fascism with fascism. Its just a false justification to trick average people, whilst they grab for power.