Responding to BLM/Antifa Harassment and Threats

By now we’ve probably all seen this kind of video, where BLM activists aggressively harass outdoor restaurant patrons. In this one, they get particularly aggressive and start turning over tables:

I’m curious as to others’ thoughts as to how you would react to this. Part of me favors de-escalation and conflict avoidance, but another part of me says “Oh, fuck no,” and would be prepared to throw down, even if badly outnumbered. Unfortunately calling the police is simply not an option now, as police will not keep order in these situations (or have been ordered not to for political reasons). Thoughts?

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I don’t understand the question. If people come into a restaurant where I’m eating and start wrecking the place, I’m not going to assume the role of restaurant protector.

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I don’t think it’s worth me getting hurt or killed, or hurting or killing someone else’s spoiled, sociopathic child. Just leave. There is a line in the sand, but that isn’t it.


If I’m with my wife and kids vs by my self vs with my buddies are all very different scenarios. Number of agitators and other variables also need to be considered. Situations dictate tactics.

That being said, I’m not kneeling or putting my fist up in any scenario.


If I’m with my buddies, and this probably applies to many here, I don’t think any of those brats would go near us.


Ditto. Something about big bikes, tattoos, long hair, and Slayer tends to be off-putting for them.

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That’s the thing … it seems to me, from what I’ve seen, these things happen where these douches will get almost no push back … they target “soft” targets (for lack of a better phrase) and would not pull this shit where those you described tend to go …

It’s weird to be they seem to be targeting demos who would otherwise be sympathetic to (what passes as) their “cause”


Of course they do, they’re bullies.

I’m not any sort of hard ass, but I can handle myself and have had to before (both for jobs and otherwise) and same goes for a chunk of my acquaintances who share my love of motorcycles. Not your average academic.

Downside is some of them may make bad choices on engagement… :roll_eyes:

The upside is that I coach at a BJJ and MMA gym, so the OTHER part of my acquaintances have a competitive background in handling themselves.

This I don’t understand. If your goal is traction, you’d want them on your side. On the other hand most of the rioters are idiots so it doesn’t surprise me.

Some people just want to watch the world burn, and some posers just want to pretend they are part of it (see the 20 year old rich girl getting prosecuted in NY for looting)

I was thinking the same thing, while the rioters are idiots, BLM is an organization with a political agenda. It only makes sense that they would want more people to support them, rather than piss people off who would otherwise be on their side. I don’t know what the plan is, but it reminds me of something you said about it being a typical communist strategy to intentionally lose (we were talking about the election) in order to give followers something to keep fighting against and rally more people to the cause. They want to cause shit and get attention, but they don’t want people to like them.

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They were trying to bait Trump into sending in the Feds. He didn’t bite and now it’s gathered it’s own momentum and won’t stop.

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Don’t dine alfresco. Men keep your back to the wall. Most women are next to useless, in watching what’s going on, for awareness of shit about to go down. They aren’t much use if the assailants are men(even soyboys) when you are outnumbered. Most people, men and women will be intimidated by the threat of violence in a so called civilized part of town so don’t expect any help.
You’ve got access to blunt metal cutlery, glasses, and chairs. You can fuck someone up badly if you absolutely need to with this gear, and they don’t have firearms. A preemptive strike and then get the fuck out is your best option. Once a mob gets worked up to violence its too late, you are at their mercy unless you are armed.

There is usually a “mouth”, who starts all the trouble, maybe a vocal woman, with BLM. They might be willing to enforce, but more likely there will be 2 or 3 “enforcers” close by, trying to outflank you, when the mouth has your attention, ready to take action whilst you are distracted. Target your attention on the enforcers, deal with them and the others are more likely to disperse out of fear for their own skin.

Really its the restaurant’s job for security, but nothings going to get done unless its the local Mafia’s Italian eatery, or perhaps a Triad owned Chinese restaurant.
All the Police will do is arrest you for affray, or worse. They will scrape your remains up off the pavement, after the mob has left the area.

In this climate you are better off staying away from these areas, and avoiding the trouble in the first place. These are troubled times indeed.

BLM mobs and antifa are evil scum cunt violent criminals.


Ah the joys of concealed carry.


I once got into an altercation and I spent the next day frightened that I would get charged with something and what that would mean for my kids. Never been so stressed in my life.

I’d be walking away unless my life was in danger.


Just tell them there is a black owned business across the street - they’ll forget about you, run over to the black owned business, loot it, and then burn it down to show whitey who’s boss.


In fairness this was @loppar who introduced the concept not me, and it’s called Revolutionary defeatism.

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The three founders have Hollywood agents. They are friends with Oprah. Their racial/political/philosophical beliefs that they learned from the comfort of college are now infiltrating the workplace and primary and secondary school. They’ve already infected college campuses. Soon they will come to a theater near you.


They aren’t exactly winning people’s hearts over though. I think they want people to oppose them and fight back. Also more black people being injured or killed by cops is good for them, it’s the only thing that keeps them going. Without that, they would lose any hope of rearranging the black community in accordance with their LGBT socialist ideology.

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They want people to oppose the idiots in the streets while they are raking in millions and bringing their subversive thinking into your child’s classroom. People are talking about civil war and focusing on the battle in the streets when it’s the battle in academia, the media, and now Hollywood/sports which is the most relevant one.

I doubt that they really care about that. They’re aiming higher than that.


You can only shoot so many people, and if you think everyone runs when you pull a gun, think again. I can tell you they don’t. You have to shoot, and even when shooting, everyone doesn’t run away.