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Good evening to all: I am a 54 yr,old guy who for the most part only received limited success,but it was in weight lifting and jr.amateur bodybuilding in the 1977 to 1985 era. I remember the close knit community of guy's and a few gal's for the most part where non conformist's and free thinker's.I am 54 and when I look back those where the best day's of my life. Bodybuilder's our community stood together for the most part,we encouraged and promoted our fellow trainee's and I my opinion where a big family with big heart's and a helpful spirit. These day's the fellowship seem's to be hard to find. What are your opinion's.Do you find the attitude of trainee's helpful,or non productive.I guess we didn't have the anonymity of hiding behind a avatar,or whatever the fuck it's called. God Bless john


I find the group here pretty good. Outside of the Over 35 forum on TNation, yah, people are pretty harsh. In the real world people are much better than online, but maybe even that has changed. I’ve been working out by myself recently and haven’t been working out outside my home gym since right around the turn of the century.


When I was lifting 15 years ago, I always trained in a public gym. There were less than a handful of guys/gals there that were seriously into their training. I saw them on a daily basis, but we rarely said anything more than “hi” in passing. So, for me, the interaction back then isn’t much different than it is now, working out in my garage. The major differences are that the music on the speakers is always good and there’s no waiting for equipment. I don’t have any meat head friends to lift with or even discuss lifting with, so my group of peers or brothers in iron pretty much exists in the 35 and over crowd here. Which, is an awesome network.


Instead of hiding behind an avatar or the internet, people talked shit on the phone…its human nature, people in any avenue remain the same, the tools are different.


[quote]MattyXL wrote:
Instead of having behind an avatar or the internet, people talked shit on the phone…its human nature, people in any avenue remain the same, the tools are different.[/quote]

I didn’t talk shit on the phone, just used it for prank calling. Is your refrigerator running?

But true, trolls will be trolls.


I’ve trained in public gyms since early '80s. Unfortunately, in the free weight section everyone else was bigger and stronger than me. I felt pretty intimidated and rarely got close to anyone. A few gyms - the Mom & Pop places, not the mega-marts - have a generally friendlier atmosphere though.

If you like internet, lift.net is a very civil place.


I train at a public gym. I normally hit it first thing in the morning. I find most of the knuckleheads are still in bed at that time. For the most part guys keep to themselves. The early morning crew has been together for about 5 to 7 years. I’m probably the only one who trains for competition, but everyone is cool. We all join and help the others when they need it.


I agree with Crippler.
When I trained in a gym in the morning, the atmosphere was a lot friendlier. The night is different, more crowds and louder music with way too many more attitudes. I do miss seeing all the hot girls.

In the morning anyone would be willing to give you a spot when asked. No one looked at you funny if you politely asked if you could do a set with someone while they rested and recovered from his set. In my garage I can play any kind of music I want and not feel I am hogging the other guys piece of equipment. I can train at any pace and for as long as I want.
Fifteen to twenty years ago things seemed that there was much more camaraderie.
I sometimes miss those days. I am all for progress, but a friendly place with others to encourage you is rare these days. At least in my area where I now live.