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Resources on TRT: Food for Thought

Oh boy did I get an increase in libido, erections improved within a couple of days and by weeks end erections had never been better while on TRT. That’s about the time I started experiencing the red dry skin problem which forced me to stop.

Wow. I didn’t know.

I’m going to run my current protocol a bit longer then may revisit eod or more likely, daily shots.

Did you go subq or stay Im?

Subq is great. IM just gets annoying after you start daily because you have to aspirate. You also go deeper into muscle and that causes bruising and lingering pain. Subq you don’t have to aspirate, it barely hurts and no lingering muscle deep pains.

I never have aspirated, it’s unnecessary as the area where I inject there are no veins.

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I did both subq and shallow im.

I use 29 gauge 1/2". I like im better. And I don’t aspirate

Cool cool. Yeah I like how IM feels more immediate than subq but subq is easier for me micro dosing.

Starting the cream (not gel) daily and that’ll be the awesome not having to prepare and clean and inject daily :slight_smile:

Game changer boyeee

I can’t wait to see your progress on cream. Tag me if you remember

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Oh I will keep my post updated. I think it’s the new best thing for trt. If it holds true u can see everyone switching or trying to.

Mainly because of the labido being better and no e2 issues.

Anyways yezzzzz

Where do you get it? Pharmacy?

A how is it different than androgel or Axiron?

You’ll have to YouTube it. It’s scrotul cream . It’s not a gel like the androgel and etc. it absorbs much better and more consistent: you get it for a compound pharmacy.

Recently we have seen quite a few conversations on high estrogen not being harmful but protective. I found an interesting article that I want to share with the group.


@NH_Watts he talks about a ratio of t to e2. They say that what’s harmful is high e2 and low T.

What I’m curious about is why do men have so many sides with high e2. Water gain. Lowered sensitive, mental disturbances. How does one know when the dose is too much because it raises e2 to levels that make life harder when on trt. Many docs want higher normal levels and control e2. But others say don’t touch e2.

The e2 docs (don’t take ai) rarely talk about this. They jsut say let e2 go. Don’t think about e2… but surely there comes a point wheee e2 causes symptoms. Do they jsut lower the dose? If so, then it shows e2 is having a too high level.

Who is having these issues and what do their blood tests look like? A part of the problem is that whenever anyone thinks they have the slightest E2 side they jump onto an AI (with its own host of side effects) and they never give it the 3-6 months time to even out while their body adjusts to it.

“I felt a twinge in my left nipple so I took .5mg anastrazole.”
“I woke up holding water so I took 1mg of anastrazole.”
“No morning wood this week so I took .5mg anastazole.”


The man throwing out some experience. Anti Estrogen consumption decreased strength.

@systemlord metformin causes strength issues…

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