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Resources on TRT: Food for Thought

I’ve seen a few small talks on shbg and figured I’d share this great video.most of us already understand this but for those who do not know. This video is very helpful.

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After seeing this video, you will understand how SHBG plays a big part in determining a proper protocol. Obviously 100mg weekly for 98% of low SHBG men turns into a problem in the form of high estrogen sides not only because of insane free hormones (Free T->Free E2), but also the excretion of testosterone into the urine.

There are some that say the rate at which you metabolize testosterone can be an important factor on injection frequencies, but I would add it’s equally or more important the rate at which you excrete testosterone because the estrogen stays around longer to do slower metabolizing of estrogen.

This is why a lot of guys don’t have a sex drive on TRT. Howver if you have a guy that’s lower SHBG and he metabolizes estrogen quickly, he won’t have any problems with his sex drive.

Yup very interesting and @NH_Watts here’s a video with tot all about ai haha

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In the UK you cannot walk in to a pharmacy and buy testosterone. You can buy it abroad however and carry it through customs providing it is declared.

Ya I know . He was thinking of somewhere else like thailand

Similar countries :-/

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So doesn’t it make sense for
Low shbg guys to use some anastrazole then?

That’s why low shbg guys do daily. It controls estrogen and keeps it level in body.

If daily injections fail to lower estrogen, then it may be necessary. Someone needs to create an AI for over-responders or that helps with estrogen metabolism, reengineer anastrozole.

They need to know why we over respond.


Don’t forget that low means really low. Like less than 20 or 25 (don’t recall ranges)… normal low isn’t as big an issue as being in the teens. You also have to look for symptoms and feedback from your experience. How do I feel with my current protocol, do labs back my feelings up… make sense?

I learned early not to go by how I feel alone or jsut labs. They need to both point to the problem before deciding on a solution .

My shbg is between 19-23. Lowish id say. But not horrid.

How do u feel right now and what are u taking. If your not feeling good and have been on trt i would experiment . If good don’t change anything :slight_smile:

Currently 60mg e3d

I’ve never felt any sex drive with trt. And that’s the whole reason I went on it.

I may try eod again at a lower dose hoping for a
Lower e2 reading. Eod actually increased my e2.

Yes but how many months or weeks have you been on trt.

You didn’t dose it correctly, lowering the dosage would have shown good results once you had similar or slightly less testosterone in your system. I remember you stated you felt clearer minding on an EOD protocol.

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I dosed it at 30mg eod. I did feel clearer minded for sure. More confidence and better articulation. Not much in terms of libido.

It yielded bloods of 775 TT, high out of range FT, and e2 of 49. SHBG went down to 19.

What was surprising was my e2 level at 49. I was SURE it would’ve been lower as I had less mind fog, etc.

I will try eod again, or maybe even daily at lower doses if my current protocol fails, which probably will.

Axiron for about a year.

Now currently injection for almost 2 years.

I always thought that was an excessive dose, pushing for high normal levels when estrogen is an issue will always present problems. I couldn’t stand those levels for long.

10-12mg daily has a better chance of working out for you v.s EOD, less to aromatize.

@systemlord: I know you tried daily. Did you ever get an increase in sex drive or arousal from it?
At this point, that’s all I care out with trt.

I’d also wonder about daily shots and all the injection holes. Wonder if subq would be the way to go at that point?

Wel there’s multiple way street of lowering e2 dimensions long some short. Try it. Might work. Maybe you have too much estrogen.