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Resources / Materials / Tips

Post your favorite resources and suggestions here. Include the name of the source, sport, reason for recommendation, format, etc.


Resource: www.8weeksout.com
Sport: Mixed Martial Arts
Format: Website - S&C
Reason: Joel Jamieson is a great S&C resource for fighters. His principles got me in the best shape of my life!
(this is just an example, I have only just discovered this site and havent really used it yet haha)


Suggestion: Swim for Cardio Work
Sport: Any
Reason: Swimming gives your body a great break from getting beat up in training. Rather than running which adds stress to your recovering joints, try a day of swimming for cardio/conditioning.
Bonus: Swimming also works many of those “little” muscles that you dont normally train.

I know there’s threads similar to this but I think we should start building a comprehensive thread for combat athletes to share their best ideas. (without all the distracting “filler” posts)

I think we all could learn from one another and pick up little nuggets of gold here and there to improve the fighters of T-Nation. It’ll be our little secret.

Resource: www.bullshido.net/
Sport: (Mixed) Martial Arts
Format: Website - Forums
Reason: If you’re looking for something related to Martial Arts, chances are they’ve covered it before.