Resources and Online Coaching for Senior?

Hi everybody,

My dad is 68 and wants to continue lifting safely for good health and muscle mass retention.

Like a lot of people his age he has back and knees problem, and can’t/won’t do a lot of volume or take risks with heavy weight.

So most traditional lifting advice are not adapted to his situation.

Do you know YouTube channels, books or blog focused on senior training ?

Or maybe you know an online coaching website with listening people that will create a specific program for him and his pains and won’t design him a program for a 30 yo ?

Thanks a lot !

Sorry don’t know any coaches that specialize in more mature lifters, or any website resources only focused on this age group.

There are plenty of experienced lifters (a few on here your dads age) and coaches on here who may be able to give more specific advice if you ask away.

You say in your post that he wants to continue lifting safely. That infers that he already had a program or system of training that he follows. Is he having issues with his current training program ? or looking to change it ?

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The Barbell Medicine Crew coaches older lifters
Dunno about their prices

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Check out the T Nation articles of authors like

Scot Abel
Nick Tumminelo
Dan John ( and maybe Dan John’s book “Intervention”)
Charles Staley

Here’s one of my favorite coaches (Matt Wenning) on training older dudes. If you like what he’s saying, search his name + “Strength” Workouts for Older Adults with Matt Wenning (Strength School) - YouTube


Brain Alshrue

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Brian Alshrue thinks old age = melted cheese. I still think he’s brilliant.

Maybe some weekly sessions with a personal trainer for a few months. Find one who works with 50+ lifters. Your father’s lifting history with part time trainer advice should work well.

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Or he could just read your log!


@biker how young are you?

Thanks for your answers !

74 going on 53

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I am very impressed that you are 74 and do the workouts that you do I always read your logs I just turned 64

This deserved more than a like. Chicken you win the internet today.

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@simo74 asked the pertinent questions.

Nobody can say “do this” based on your age.
I’ve had multiple back, multiple knee, shoulder and hand surgeries. I can’t lift like I did when I was 20, either, but I’m only 40.

My wife has worked with folks that were only 60, but needed to focus on balance simply to navigate daily life - get up from a chair without falling kind of things.

Both @biker and @RT_Nomad are still training harder than most youngsters and are in their 70s.

My point is: it’s always going to come down to goals, current state and constraints.

In terms of simply joint-friendly lifting, I will recommend John Meadows (RIP) 8 days a week.
He has a ton of free articles and a full program on this site.
His YouTube channel is mountaindog1.

Christian Thibaudeau also wrote a series of articles on here titled “Eternal Warrior” that are focused on combining metabolic conditioning with lifting The goal is primarily improving healthcare markers as we age, so that may be of interest. He is a true training genius and answers questions in his forum here nearly every single day.