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Resistance Training


God, it’s so depressing! Went to the gym today and overheard the poisonous advice spewed out by the present PT: crazy training coupled with even crazier eating advice. And this is present everywhere; Internet, media, at work, at school, passed on like a lethal virus. And people buy into it. And it makes them miserable. I got so angry the weights flew up. At least something to be happy about…

Mr Wendler, I have come to think of you as the general of a resistance movement, with your call to arms to get our lives back! What better way than through resistance training?
We fight and resist stupidity in training. We fight and resist stupidity in eating. We fight and resist stupidity in our own minds. In the weight room, we even fight and resist gravity itself!

Awaiting your orders, mon général! Meanwhile, I’ll give gravity a good fight!
Vive la résistance!


The only revolution I would ever get behind is the Revolution of the Self - no big group movement. Individuals finding their own way, reclaiming freedom and becoming a stronger person: emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Training is a way people can learn to cope with being uncomfortable, to achieve great physical challenges and in the process, become better. There is no disassociation with the mind and body - this is something modern medicine and our culture has failed miserably at. The evidence is everywhere.

Your revolution must come from and be inspired inside of you - don’t worry about the others in the gym or who is feeding you crap. Lead by example - and that leader will not inspire others to follow. Rather he should inspire others to find their own path. The thing they do have in common is that even if they do not have followers, they are their own leader.