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Resistance Training Program


Through various posts which I have made, people have always lead to suggesting me to start a resistance training program. Could any of you please be so kind as link me to somewhere where I can read about one and see how it is structured?

Thank you

Start with this. ABBH.

Don’t just read it, do it!

Thank you, I will start today.

1 question, he says the load should be 80% R.M, whats R.M mean?

Rep Max, as in the maximum number of reps you can do with a certain amount of weight. So say you 1RM in benching is 100lbs, 80% would be 80lbs.

You probably won’t get it exact, but just try get it close enough and try not to change the program too much - it’s been designed that way for a reason and many people have achieved good results with it - including myself.

When in doubt start a bit light on this program. You can always go up in weight after the first four weeks of it and the program itself has a set in progression it will get harder as you go