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Resistance for the Power Pushup


I recently purchased the Power Pushup 2 just to see how it feels, and to mix things up. I have the 180 pound resistance cables. However that is the resistance at twice the length of the cables.

I was hoping someone out there might know the formula and answer to my questions...what is the resistance when force is first applied, i.e. at 1 times the length? (sorry if that question doesn't make any sense)What is the force at 1.5 times the length? Unfortunately, I'm not very good at physics...

Thank you for all your help!


I think you have the wrong idea. Its not about the lbs of resistance. The resistance is simply a means to an end.


Depends if they follow Hookes Law (extension is proportional to load) If so then halfway to 180lb is 90lb.


When I'm in the gym it feels to me like they follow an exponential curve.