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Resistance for Amputee Long Jumper

Need your input

I was asked about my opinion by one of my befriended coaches (the guy trains disabled athletes) on some “special” training measures that he’s planning to apply on a female- amputee long jump competitor. She’s already a “world class” athlete competing in world championchips/para-olympics/top athletic meetings.

I was challenged with some interesting issue regarding her in-season preparation (as she’s already started competing, has got some major meeting in july, and World’s later on this summer).

Her coach, I guess influenced by the conversation we had some time ago re accommodating resistance, use of elastic bands, etc wishes to implement some into her routine.
In a couple of weeks they will have a training camp and the coach thinks of using some kind of elastic bands that he found somewhere in order to improve her jumping power on the board (or whatever you call it in English) while training “spot jumps” or other sort of assisted jumps.

Well, good idea I say, however, what he thinks is, he would attach bands somehow from the top that they facilitate with a greater tension her jump-off the ground.
And this is something that I do not really agree with.
I can see his points (as we discussed what he wants from it ? ease to jump-off the board, faster, stronger attack the board, greater acceleration), but still . . . I would try to use it somewhat the way West-siders use with bands attached from the bottom to try to maximize this RFD. The way he suggested, when she gets the assistance from the tensed band on her start, all this goes away.

Especially in this case, when she goes off the ground into the air, and hits no father resistance? she only gets lift off the ground, and then shoots into the air.

In my opinion there’s nothing that would prime her CNS into getting stronger/faster off the board into the air?.if it is made easier for her to start with.

On the other hand, pulling up band would make her training jumps faster and she’d be able “fly” somewhat…

But what do you think??

I hope I described this clearly enough

I’d greatly appreciate if any of you could scratch your heads for a minute of two on this. It’s a bit weird situation as I was asked about a consultation and in turn I am going with it to somebody else. frankly speaking, I do not know in person anybody up-to-date ENOUGH to discuss such things with real mutual understanding. And it’s too high stake to be big-headed here (her income, scholarship) depends on her good results in big events.

I am freaking impressed!!! :wink: