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Resistance Band Training

Hello CT,

I am going to travel around 3 months (holiday). I bought set of resistance bands to train during this time because I am gonna be traveling in Vietnam and Laos. So I dont expect that everytime I will find gym.

Should I do Upper/lower split 4 times a week or full body to maintenance my muscles?
I have really no idea how many and what kind of exercise do per session. I always followed written training so how to substain pull ups, dips, heavy deadlift, squat etc.?
Could you please give me a little piece of advice how to do that or what you would do?
For example:

Lower - lunges BW 100 reps, Squat with sets of bands 3 x 20 reps, pistol squat/bulgarian, romanian DL 3x12. When I reach reps, then add heavier band?

Upper - rows, band pull apart, push ups, One hand press, lateral raises, biceps curls

Thank you so much

Just enjoy your holiday and be as active as you can be. You won’t lose that much and it won’t take that long to get back where you were.

I use bands when I can’t left weights(vacation, holidays, hectic schedule, etc). I follow Buddy Morris’ GPP plan and do all the exercises with bands instead of weights. It works very well and is actually more difficult for me then using weights or machines. It’s a nice program to use with bands since the resistance stays the same throughout the entire duration yet the rep and set scheme changes.