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Resistance Band Training for Beginner

Gender: Male
Age: 20 y/o
Weight: 89kg
Bodyfat: 20 to 25%

Hi everyone this will be long i’m sorry i hope you gave thread a small fraction of your time. just a quick background of me. I’m basically overweight/obese and i am in the worst shape of my life. 4 years ago i had an accident that fractured my radial bone because of that i can’t fully extend/stretch my right arm. Thankfully after countless theraphy sessions i will get an operation at the end of the year. I asked my theraphist if i can workout and thankfully he said yes. But i am only allowed to use resistance bands and bodyweight exercises.

I honestly don’t know how to create a balance program that will help me to increase my muscle and reduce fat. If someone is willing to help me create a program for my special condition please it will be much appreciate. Also, i am very i can only do 3 knee pushups and in the 4th one i will be failing. Pullups not at all. Hanging Dips i also can’t do one. I want to be stronger while shred fat and gain some muscle. If you will be asking what does my hand looks like. Basically i can’t straight it. Imagine your arm when doing a dumbbell flyes that my right arm looks like all the time. If possible i want to train 4 times a week and i can also do cardio on the restdays.

Hopefully someone can help me on this matter. Who could give me a program that is suited for me and tips in nutrition. Thank you everyone i hope everyone is doing well behind this health crisis. Godbless.

You could do:

Squats with bands over shoulder 4 x 10-15
Easy angle push-ups 3 x 10-15
Assisted chins or resistance band lat pull downs AMRAP
Resistance band OHP 3 x 10-15
Resistance band rows 3 x 10-15

^3 x per week^

For conditioning either go for a long walk or do bodyweight squats.


Would this be enough for a beginner? Will i make gains of this according to my goals? I’m sorry i’m really a beginner. AMRAP is as many reps as possible right? Do i need to do like 3 x AMRAP or just 1 set of AMRAP? I’m sorry i am very confused. Also, can i incorporate Deadlifts in this program? Also my theraphist said that i need to do resistance bands facepulls to strengthen my rotator cuffs can i incorporate it aswell? Would it result to overtraining if i add an isolation exercise for core like a crunch to the program? Lastly, i see that the program has no isolation exercises for the bicep and triceps is the pushups,pullups will be enough for my arm growth?

Yes, this is enough for a beginner, of course if your physician recommends you do face pull you should do that too. With regards arm work, welI, I’d say that’s up to you, if you feel like finishing off with some curls and extensions that would be fine, just know such work is nowhere near as important as compound movements.

Oh & with regards the amrap thing, if you prefer to do just one set to failure that’s fine, as long as you are doing most of your sets at least close to failure you will probably progress well.


I see. Thank you so much. About the deadlifts should i alternate it to squats or add it in the routine? Also what would be the optimal sets and reps? Also, about adding one core isolation exercise is that okay or i’am adding too much?

Alternating deads with squats should be fine + adding an ab ex should also be fine.

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Thank you for answering everything sir. Godbless!

No problemo:)

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Read through this thread -endless tips and programs no/limited equipment…

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