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Residue is Evil


So, Um...what the fuck is the deal with this hah?

Occasionally when I look at a youtube video a five second advertisement pops up. This ad has some creepy little girls voice say "Residue is Evil" in a sing songy manner, it's very strange.

I tried going to residueisevil.com but it was just a blank page.

Has anyone else seen this or have any idea what I am talking about? lol


Ummm yeahh

You're going to die in 7 days.


It's a marketing campaign for Old Spice Deodorant.


Yeah, or he's dead in a week.


Maybe Resident Evil?? like the video game


your dead in a week


dude yeah they have a commercial too. the site is retarded n gross


Yup, dead in a week.


ah ok, thanks haha, that ad was bugging me.