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Resident Evil 5 Problem/Question


Here's the problem. I was fighting the flying thing in chapter two. I ran out of ammunition and items before I figured out how to kill it. I was planning on letting myself die to restart. BUT the fucking thing saved it from where I was instead of the last checkpoint. So I have to start over.

Does anyone know how to start a new game??


Do I just have to select the first mission and just play until I accquire ammo?


Are you talking about the huge bat that you slow down with the proximity mines? If I remember correctly it loads you right on top of the ledge that triggers the cutscene when you jump down. Hmm. I died there too but I regained my ammo. Could you replay the chapter before that level (through the chapter selection menu) instead of starting all over? Just replay chapter 2-2?


whats your tag.


I started two levels back. I'm back to where I was already. Found a rifle upgrade that I missed the first time around.


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can you MAKE it anymore complicated.

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lol that's not my actual tag. If you check out chiktuna's thread in the steroid forum you'll see why I said that. PM me if you want my real tag. What games are you playing right now?


I got about 2 1/2 hours into it Friday night and played co-op up w/my buddy over Live until right after that bat-thing on the cliff last night, and I have to say it's visceral as hell. I turned out all the lights, cranked up the 7.1, put on the headphones and took it all in on my 50" plasma, and it is one of the best looking games I've ever seen, and the sound is incredible as well.....

It's absolutely gorgeous, with incredible lighting, particle effects.... and the character models looks sick. Just amazing all around.


Just walking around down the street in the beginning - the way the people look at you, and the sense of foreboding you feel - I don't know why people feel the game has lost its scare factor - after you get geared up, walking around and hearing the moaning and screaming of the townspeople - totally creepy.

And already, there's been more incredible set-piece action moments than some other games in their entirety - having to hold off the hordes while waiting for the chopper right at the end of the first section of Chapter 1, that horrid leech/snake thing, and the way you need to lure it into the giant furnace, incapacitate it and then burn it - insane. That girl - the blond in that upstairs room who pops the parasite out of her head - the mutant dogs that split into two-headed beasts - wow, the action and pacing are intense as hell....

I'm a big RE fan - played 'em all since the 1st one. Capcom is always at the top of their game with these titles, and RE5 is no different. Great stuff...


It only gets better. The lighting and physics really put the visuals on a whole new level for games like this.

Redfield must have 21" arms lol. Unbalanced delts though.