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Reset Weight or Not?

Hi everyone!
Since September i run 4 cicles of the beyond full body routine, then I switched to the full body 1000% awesome routine which seems to be a very nice program (I can train just 3 day a week). At the end of the first cicle of the awesome routine I felt a little tired and had some difficulties on the bench and the press and the strength seemed to decrease (Squat and deadlift were very good instead). Now with the Christmas holidays i stopped training for 10 days.
Today I should come back to the gym. I want to continue with the 1000% awesome routine, but I think should be better to reset the TM and to restart with lighter weight. What do you think about it?
Thanks everyone!

Do you have Forever? From what your post indicates it sounds like you do so you should have a good idea what to do in this situation.

Run 7th Week Protocol: TM Test and go from there. If you don’t want to do that just get to lifting and if you TM is too high you will find out sooner or later. Or you could knock 10% off all your TM’s and just get to work.