Reset my Percentages and Just Get Back on the Rails?

I’ve been doing Wendler for almost 3 years.

I’ve recently been cutting for 10 weeks, went on vacation for two weeks and completely set myself back those 10 weeks, felt worth it at the time as it was my holiday, however slightly regretting it as I am now cutting again.

I am not shredded, I am not massively fat, I shouldn’t be having negative effects from this cut as I am not lean enough and haven’t been doing it long enough.

I could go on and on but let me get to the point, my lifts regardless of me cutting or not are becoming awfully hard.

The weight I’m supposed to be moving on my 1+ days I’m just about able to a single of that weight and a double if I’m feeling good.

How far back should I reset my %s, just punch in my numbers and go from there or revert my numbers back 3 cycles?

Would switching my assistance help at all?


Depends on the weighs you are lifting but generally after a cut you will come out weak. 15-20% Would be where I would start, providing you feel you can still progress with the program in the long term after three years.

This sounds awful.

How did you get so out of shape in 2 weeks?

First throw away the mind set of “Cutting”, You are out of shape, not prepping for a body building show.

Start eating like a human being appropriate for your size and training. Pro/Fat/Carbs. 3x a day. Keep Carbs around W/O. Don’t eat like a stoned 16 year old.

I would definitely reset a few cycles.

Take your TM’s for each lift and try to hit 5 reps for each lift. Own the weight, fast and smooth.
If you can’t hit 3-5 reps- your TM is wrong. Adjust it accordingly.

You’d be better served, dropping your TM and psychologically readjusting your approach to food.

Are you Johnny Assistance overload? That could be it. Hopefully you’re not treating Hammer Curls like Squats.

Just don’t cut. Makes training for greatness worthless. Cutting if for people who don’t have the discipline to do it correctly all the time. Get your TM under order and start training.

531 is a PERFORMANCE based program. Train accordingly.


Right thanks for replies everyone.

My all time maxes and my estimated current

190 dead / 180
150 squat / 142.5
115 bench / 110
72.5 ohp / 65

Lifts are in KGs.

I got out of shape in two weeks just by enjoying myself on vacation, but I can eat … I “cut” on 2800 calories a day due to my job where I work as a postman/mailman so I walk 10 ~ miles a day carrying loads. So when it’s time to eat I have no problem eating upwards of 5000 a day easily without trying.

I defiently don’t “cut” in terms of prep for a show, it’s just lingo that you all understand. If anything it’s more of a recomp, the 10 week run up to my vacation I dropped 18lbs and maintained nearly all my strength on all my lifts! But the going forward then backwards is something that happens regularly for me I get to a max then go backwards and wont get past that max for another 1-2 years where it may only be by 5kg!

Although I never did use the 5 forward 3 back approach which I have only recently found out. I don’t blast assistance, in fact my arms have lost size since last year because I stopped doing curls etc all together as they bore the hell out of me. I through them in now, simple 3x10 with a moderate weight, squeeze, pump and no real mental effort put into those lifts.

I do a lot of weighted chins to balance with my pushing.

@Jim_Wendler I know I know, I don’t want to cut, but I am unhappy with my BF levels, the whole reason I want to recomp my body is so I can bullk for longer afterwards following a clean approach where hopefully I can stay on track and not binge.

I will sort my TM out and start blasting out the reps on my + sets (Where recently I’ve been struggling to hit the numbers required let alone push further). Huge mental barrier tells me not to drop the weight as it feels I am going backwards, but even I know it makes sense!

The whole reason I have been on 531 so long and refuse to switch programs is because it’s a performance based program. I don’t train for shows, nor for meets but getting in there and being better than last time is my whole demeanour it’s what keeps me motivated always trying to be better than last time. I have my notepad which I track each and every rep, then try to better each session even if it’s only by a rep on some days!

Sounds good. I recently dropped 18lbs in 12 weeks so I hear you about recomp.

What is your TM set at? 90%? Have you tried 80-85%?

JIm has a 7th week protocol for TM testing that I use these days.

“The weight I’m supposed to be moving on my 1+ days I’m just about able to a single of that weight and a double if I’m feeling good”.---- This implies to me youre training at your 1rep max not a TM, maybe I’m reading it wrong.

I’d drop your TM to whatever you have to…5’sPro, FSL.

I wish I knew what the 7th Week Protocol was, it’s the one piece I’m not up on.

It’ll be in the new book. Based on the gems Wendler drops on his Forum, I could not be more excited.

5/3/1 as a program evolves, the principles set the gravity but everything else is just weather.

I can’t recommend his forum enough if you’re looking for support, staying up to date, challenges etc…it’s all there in real time.

Train to be a motherfucker. I do think I remember someone saying that long ago.

Yeah you are reading it right, what was once my TM is now my Rep max that’s the issue I seem to stall then go backwards it’s strange.

Always used 90% I defiantly feel strong enough to move said weight just a few cycles go by and I can’t keep up with the all ready small increasments of 2.5 & 5kg

Time to check the ego.

If you’re hitting X weight for 1 rep and making zero progress. Take 85% of that weight X and there is your TM.

I will be resetting 100%. But what I am saying is I do this, I’ve done this program for nearly 3 years. I can take my TM %, bust my balls for 3-7 months then by then I am struggling to hit my numbers then end up resetting again!

But a year will go by and I maybe have added 5kgs to my 1RMs. It’s strange.

Will try 85% though as only ever used 90%!

I adjust my TM all the time based on “template”. Leaders/Anchors.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying, your sentences are a bit confusing.

Are you testing your 1RM all the time? I don’t. Whatever you’re doing doesn’t seem to be working; 3 years and not much improvement? 2 weeks on vacation ruining 10 weeks of dieting etc…

The TM in my opinion is built to sustain great and not so great training days. If you’re struggling to hit 1 or 2 reps - you’re TM is way too high. It’s that simple.

You’re not making progress, you’re frustrated and you’re letting your ego sabotage your training.
It’s that fucking simple. DROP your TM because you’re not doing yourself any favors. Start eating like an adult which accounts for a few shitty meals if you’re training hard.

Example; you Press 100lbs. You grind it for 1 Rep
Take 85% of 100= 85lbs is your new TM.

65% of 85=
75% of 85=
85% of 85=

Use 5Pro on all weeks.

Never mind it’s getting lost on here ha ha, I don’t test my RM all the time.

I was saying I use a good TM, 4 or so cycles roll round and now the weights I should be blasting are now heavy as fuck! I don’t change the TM, I just add the 5lbs.

Regardless, too much blabber here from me. I am going to reset my TM. Going to 85% this time round and work with the 5 forward 3 back to hopefully increase the longevity, as it’s around 4-5 cycles where things start to get too heavy to work with, so 5/3 could really be the answer for me I feel!

Thanks for all the help guys. I will come back and I will be stronger than before.