Reset Grip Between Reps

…when doing snatch grip deadlifts, or this may happen.

glued it back together, not looking forward to tomorrows workout.

Got to maintain your callouses before they rip brah! I just cut mine today in ready for a friendly comp in a few hours.



I tried that Shankle tip once to cover up a torn callous, but I felt like it really hampered my ability to grip the bar. I couldn’t get used to it.

I clip mine off with fingernail clippers and then I sand them down with a pumice stone or with a metal file lol.

I watched this video back in January! have been keeping my hands clean and moisturized, but haven’t been diligent with sanding them down. taped my hand for my workout yesterday, didn’t feel bad, but it is a bit annoying because I’ve never lifted with anything on my hands before. My wife is trying to convince me to let her give me a manicure… do I lose the man card if I say yes?