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RESET Button?


Hey kids,

Me again ... this time with something that I've been pondering lately ... life is busy ... full of the ins and outs of work and lifting and commuting and paying the bills and cleaning the litter box and, well, you get the point ... it's just a continuum of doing stuff. i seem to just always be on the go, and while i get a lot accomplished, i look back a week, 6 months, or a year, and i think "wtf just happened?" it's all a blur. in hindsight, when ever did i really chill out and not worry about what was next or anything at all?

Dan John spoke on the balance between chaos and order, and he mentioned that they always start their class with "the drill" to reset everyone, regardless of whether they came from study hall, lunch, math, or french class. similarly, i was wine tasting last weekend, and the standard reset is to eat crackers and cleanse the palate.

i'm guessing that you people have ways to reset too. i find it hard to believe that i am any busier than any of you, if even as busy, but i have a tuff time relaxing or chilling out to just erase the yestermoment and embrace what's next. i've seen organizational, time management, and other angles on dealing with stuff, but that doesn't get it done for me ...

i just don't know how to reset ... how do you?



My hobbies are my reset button. I work out alot and I work on my cars alot...I also have music at times with my band. Yard work, the animals...yada yada... Meditation also helps when I can.

My family is my reset button. I play with the kids, I do chores with the kids and wife. I cook, clean...

My job is my reset button. I in no way bring any of it home with me, but when I'm at work I focus on what I do, the kids, the parents, the presentations, even the paperwork and filing.

My friends are my reset button. Going to lunch with them, having drinks on Friday night. Sometimes even just playing xbox.

Do you see what I'm getting at? My life is my reset button, (sounds like a Nike commercial huh?). But what I'm saying is modern life in this society means being busy...with everything...so I find joy, peace, and sanity IN the rat race.


Yeah I feel your pain, that has been me since the middle of the year when work went absolutely crazy on me (Have been averaging 10-11 hours per day instead of the "normal" 8.5) and I'm only just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've been missing workouts, which are usually a big reset button.

For me (from a christian perspective) the best reset is always church on Sunday, hearing about what is really important tends to put other things going on into their place.

Also, bring on summer holidays in 2 months, the first time the wife and I have been able to go away in summer for 3 years, that will be a very big reset button!


I don't know.

Whenever I sit down and relax to some music, or sit at the computer too long I always have that feeling that I forgot to do something and that I could have gotten more done, but I don't know what it is.

I always feel a sort of stress about not doing something that I should be doing or should have done.

I'm also not very happy about where I am in my career right now and made a huge saccrifice to move to upstate NY to be with family who I'm quickly getting irritated with, without realising how much of a career saccrifice I was making.

Now I can't get out of my rut (yet) and I think that has a lot to do with me not being able to feel relaxed.


Dont worry about the reset button. Hitting it too often will kill the animal in you. Its like meditation. Too much of it and you`re brain dead.

Sorry if it sounds so extreme, but ever since I climbed a couple of levels on Maslow`s pyramid, it feels like something is missing.

In the end, just live one minute at a time, don`t over-analyze stuff, have faith in following your own gut feeling, and everything eventually falls into the right place.