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Has anyone had trouble with them lately? I have been waiting for over two weeks for an order now and still have not recieved. Nor have they responded to my emails. just trying to figure out waht the hell is going on with my shit.


I hear the dudes at researchkits are a bunch of fucking idiots. What exactly did you order anyway? One of 2 things happened:

  1. Depending on what you ordered, your shit could have been seized through the mail, or

  2. Look up this link. Others have posted here saying that they are in HUGE debt, have money problems, and like to blame their backorders on THEIR suppliers.

Personally, I've never oredered from them so I can't answer from experience. Good luck.


I ordered some sterile vials, some bacteriostatic water and some capsules. I dont think any of this stuff can be leagally seized. although, I have had some recent (past two weeks) problems with customs seizure that I will post about in another thread. I read the link you gave me and it looks like they are shitting me. I am going to dispute the charges on my credit card.


Good man. Glad I could help.


Ordered from them on two seperate occasions. F-kits and oil. Took 8 days first time and 11 days second time to the UK.


Well my friends... you need to keep your ears to the ground. If I was a betting man, I would say that you will never get your kit. About 15 research companies have just been raided and busted... those who didn't I'm sure have been hastled or are just plain shaken. Do not deal with research companies right now and your best bet is to let the order go.


Just read a post by the president of that company at another forum. He said they are no longer selling these products for awhile because of all the shit that is going on. He wants to make sure he isn't targeted so he'd rather be safe than sorry. He said this is as of Thursday, which I think was last week on the 5th.


Yes they were busted.The law got him with gbl,weed,and small amount of steroids not to mention all the liquid products.Would go with pumpnpose for your research need now they are taking up the slack.


squatty hit the nail on the head


Asides from Liquid Research, do you know the other sites that have been busted?


They were the only research company as of right now that was busted.


I dont like the fact that pumpnpose only offers me one money transfer option (paypal) Its a pain in the ass settin up this goddamn account. But their prices are sweet, especially on pins.


I ordered from ancillary guys a month ago took 2 weeks for the product to arrive. And he answered his email I sent him.