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Researching Steroids as a Teen


So I just turned 17 and of course steroids will come to the minds of many teens wanting to get big as it did with me. I decided to do my research and I now feel more comfortable with the idea of taking steroids. My question is do you think its reasonable for teens to do their research on steroids even if they just started going to the gym or are way too young? After about a year of cruising online forums and articles it only persuaded me more to take the drug. Of course i wait, i bought Anablolics 2005 about a month ago and I’m reading it very closely highlighting any important details to me. This question was brought to my attention when i was thinking about if my mom found the book, she would probably freak… I do think its good that I’m researching steroids but sometimes at school i will hear flat out lies about them and i would correct people on it and try to educate them, but most guys will just assume I’m juicing. Drop your opinion bellow and I’ll see what you guys have to say.


Steroids are for competing athletes, if you just started going to gym how do you know if this life is for you? People who benefit most are those who take it serious and integrate it as part of their life, going to the gym not to workout but to train…for shows… events… some older folks here take it to get as lean as good looking as they were in their teens… etc… if you are just going to gym now as a hobby…just stay away dude, i took it for aesthetics… been on cruise for a long time 3+ years… and i don’t plan on stopping…i have accepted it into my life and there are negatives that come with my choices like having kids, which i dont mind… but most people do… just think about it.


Holy shit…You’ve gotta be kidding me. I stopped reading at the part where you just turned 17… . You need it give it another 8-10 years before you consider using gear. Trust me, you are way too young and your body is still developing. You don’t want to fuck yourself up in the long run.


I never stated i was on test or that i will be taking it as a teen, I also never stated that i just started at the gym. This isn’t another “should i take steroids at 17” thread. This question is asking about if its socially acceptable for a teen to do thorough research on anabolic steroids. You would think that after months and months of studying this stuff i would understand its consequences. I know how serious this stuff is. Competing has always been on my mind too, i just find steroids a fascinating topic.


Please read the rest of my post, you obviously don’t understand my question. Like i mentioned above, [quote=“jacobcker, post:4, topic:226289”]
I never stated i was on test or that i will be taking it as a teen, I also never stated that i just started at the gym.

Now i could leave myself in the dark about the world of anabolics but curiosity creeps up on all of us. At least I’m doing my research and not already pinning myself without knowing sh!t.


It’s acceptable for people to research whatever they want, whenever they want. You shouldn’t even think about starting gear any time soon though.

You have not been training long enough or know enough about training and nutrition to start a cycle, period. No amount of keyboard warrior research will make it ok at your age. Work hard, train hard, eat right, consistently, for years, then think about it down the road. I’m sure this is not what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear. You’re only opening the door for potential health issues if you start so early. Stop looking for short cuts, get it done naturally before you go down this road.


You. Should. Not. Take. Steroids. Full stop.

Lift using a program from a real coach.
Sleep 8 hours every day.
Eat for your goals.

When you can OHP/Bench/Squat/DL at least 2/3/4/5 plates for reps. Then you will have the experience and the judgement to decide whether steroids are right for you. Steroids are for serious lifters. Become a serious lifter, then decide.


Bro i think its acceptable, more power to you, just make sure you read from reliable sources there are many which will mislead you.


Totally cool to read and absorb everything you can. Anecdotal evidence or research i.e. clinical.


Read what i posted above lol [quote=“jacobcker, post:5, topic:226289”]
I never stated i was on test or that i will be taking it as a teen, I also never stated that i just started at the gym.

I don’t need anymore lectures about steroids being bad for teens, I GET IT. Ive been around for ages and its not like Ive been ignoring that message. Just read the damn thread.


Any ways what kind of drugs are you interested most in?


i get this but i just found it an interesting question to ask. If you’re not “qualified” to take roids then should you be researching them?


Yeah this is my reasoning for getting Anabolics 2005. Lots of hard research that’s not like the sketchy stuff posted online.


Now I’m focused on the basics (test, pct, side effects) but until i get more serious and experienced i will be looking at the stuff you take after your first few cycles


Im older than you and have read 95% of the posts on this sub forum in the last 2 years, for similar reasons. I won’t touch any gear until after I have kids, but find it interesting and have had really good convos with people about it.

The big thing is, I don’t solicit this information. Nor do I advertise I know much about it, because if I do, the assumption is I’m using or will be using.

But, by all means. Go forward and learn if it fascinates you. You could be the next Patric Arnold.


Yeah I had my 3 so it’s getting close to the time of the pinning.


I’ll be 27 in a week, I’d imagine I’ll have my 2.3 kids in the next five years. At which point, I’ll be hopefully large and ready for assistance.


Researching stuff isn’t illegal, that I know of. Good to be informed, imo. Just be cautious tht you don’t let youself get lured in to using at too young an age, as that would be BIG mistake! That’s all.
Also, When a teen comes here talking aboiut AAS caution is taken, as you see;-)


You’re a liar. You already tried buying gear so i wouldnt be surprised if you’re using it right now and surprisingly no one in this thread picked up on this. I cannot believe as a late teen even thinking of steroids. Just stupid. Im 15 and the thought hasnt even crossed my mind…


Hahaha… busted