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Researching/Planning Sustanon Cycle


Hello, I'm currently doing some research on sustanon cycle, because I've decided to do it eventualy. I'm looking for a minimum dose for my first cycle to see how my body reposonds. As I've red, dosage for beginners vary from 250 to 500mg per week(1ML conatins 250mg sustanon).

Would it be efficient if I ran 200mg per week? two shots cause of the short esters. I don't drink, my diet is perfect with a cheat meal here and there, but my macro intake is perfect. Working out isn't a problem either, cause im "obsessed" with the gym, I go 6 times per week, sometimes I do 2 workouts in a day if I recovered enough. So tell me your opinions on this, is 200 good?


I have no idea if steroids are for you or not, you have not given any stats or actually put a plan together, but no i do not think 200mg is a good first cycle, whether it be sust or any other test ester.

Sustanon contains fast esters but the majority of it is slow acting decanoate. People that i know that have had good results ran it for around 16 weeks @ 750mg split over 3 jabs per week. This is a bit much for a first cycle.

Test Enanthate @ 500mg a week, split into two injections for 10-12 weeks would be a much better place to start. From a risk perspective there is little difference in using 200mg or 500mg, they both shut you down and require the same PCT.



^if you look at this link and check out table 2, you can get an idea of what 200 mg of testosterone a week will do for you. in all likelihood, it will prolly only get you to 1000 ng/dl or so... so how much that will help, depends on what your actual testosterone levels currently are. so, what are they? did you get blood work?


^i agree about using test e (or cyp) instead of sustanon... most guys are underwhelmed by the effectiveness of sustanon, unless they're using it for once a week TRT...