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Researching My Next Cycle

Lookin to make this the best cycle yet, not sure if i should replace the super tren with EQ.
Any tips or constructive criticism would be appreciated. Also if i could get some more info on the pct i should use feel free to drop that in as well, thanks guys.

supertren - 250mg x2/wk
test e - 200mg x2/wk
mast - 50mg x2/wk

What is super tren? i’m unfamiliar with it. If its a prohormone i say replace it.

400mg/week test is possibly a little low.

100mg mast? really??

You haven’t given us any details about yourself. your stats - height/weight/bodyfay percentage/ age/ max lifts, be honest there, dont lie to impress strangers. goals for cycle?

There are a number of sticky threads at the top of the forum, read those carefully.

Supertren is basically a double dose of trenbolone per ML, 200mg/ml rather then 100mg/ml. It’s made by stealth juice.

this will be my first time using mast, i’ve been researching it and it seems to be a pretty decent androgenic so i was planning on using it for that purpose mainly. I havent messed with it before so the dosing may be a bit off, but thats why im here.

im 25 yrs old ,6’4" about 285 - as far as bodyfat goes i cant get a conrete answer on that. Ive been told between 22% and 35%. I guess im somehere in that range but 35% seems way too high. Max bench/405 - max squat/365.

I want to use this cycle to cut. But i dont want to lose any strength whatsoever. The plan is to keep the same routine at the gym, around 2.5 hrs per day - rest sundays. But to throw in a lot more cardio afterwards.