Researching for My First Cycle

My stats:
34 years old
5’8" tall
190 lbs @ 20% bodyfat. I’ve been tested a few times with a hand-held bf measurement… thingy and it registers 15% - 19%. Just an arbitrary number but it helps paint the picture.
20+ years of lifting off and on

Lately (over the past year or so) I’ve noticed I can’t attain the same level of strength I once could. I used to be an easy 350 lb bencher but the most I’ve hit recently was a grinder at 335. Along with my lagging strength has come stubborn and all too easily acquired bodyfat.

I’ve been researching steroids for quite a while now, ruling out the substances I do not want to touch and finding a couple that I would be willing to try.

What I’m considering:
Epistane for a 4 week cycle
week 1 = 20mg/day
week 2 = 30mg/day
week 3 = 40mg/day (depending on my joints, 30mg if they whinge)
week 4 = 30mg/day

Nolvadex PCT for 4 weeks
week 1 = 40mg/day
week 2 = 30mg/day
week 3 = 20mg/day
week 4 = 20mg/day

On top of that I plan to take a lot of fish oil and joint supps every day.

My goal is simply to lean out and maintain what muscle I have, maybe grow a bit but I’d really like to be a muscular and lean 170 again.

From August 2012 to March of 2013 I starved myself (<1,000 calories per day) from a very fat 210+ lbs down to 164 lbs but I was weak and lifted only at home with light weights but mostly did lots of pushups, pistol squats and pullups.

Any time I’ve cut weight in the past I’ve lost strength. I’m hoping running steroids will prevent that.

How does my plan look to those with more knowledge and experience than myself?

you should prolly go to the doc and get your hormone levels checked out… you’re not so old that you should be struggling to make progress. but, you seem to be mentioning some symptoms of low androgen levels…

plus, if you get checked out and decide to do a cycle, at least you’ll have a baseline to look at for recovery.

You won’t meet your goals on a mild 4 week cycle man.

I do plan to have a blood test and see what my levels are.

I know I won’t be able to drop 20 pounds in 4 weeks but my original post makes it sound like I don’t. I was thinking I could run the cycle and pct then see what kind of results I get and maybe run it one or a few more times, as needed.

Does that sound safe?

60mg/day for epistane

Never tried epistane but from online descriptions, it takes up to 3 weeks to kick in and it’s a rather mild steroid. I doubt it would be worth it running it for 4 weeks, being suppressed and still having to do PCT.

I would run it for 5-6 weeks and go up to 60mg like Yogi said. You can try starting at 30-40mg to see how you respond/ if there are any side effects.

It’s always good to have bloodwork.