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OK, I am asking for your experienced opinion(s) here. I have been training hard for over 3 years now, have had my diet dialed in super clean and got myself down to 6% lean, last year, but I am freaking LITTLE. I was 165 when I got lean last summer. So for about a year now I have been trying to gain weight, but I am going NOWHERE. I am about 7% and 169- 170 if I try hard. so that makes like 3 lbs in the last year. I had to go to 4000-4500 calories a day to even get there and I just can’t eat like that all the time. Another problem is that I also work all over the world and I can’t take anything to work unless I have a prescription for it when I go offshore, so I’ll have to go off-cycle most likely for a week or tweo in the middle.

SO here’s my plan, I am still researching for my first cycle, and I am planning to know exactly what I am doing every step of the way, and i am going to take the time to learn it before I jump in. Since my cycle may be interrupted with work for a period of about 10-14 days, I am trying to find out if that is an accepteable duration. I am also 40, in great shape, but over the last year I just seem to be losing strength, even though I have put on a little muscle, mostly because of old injuries to my shoulder, wrist, and knee I just can’t stay powered up completely. All of which are joint issues. This is just preliminary, but I am thinking Deca/Winstrol for first cycle, realizing it won’t give me as great of gains, but also have a Test-Enan/EQ in the back of my mind. My goal is 190 for now. I know the Test/Eq woulod get me there faster, but the joint issue has me going to the Deca side. If anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate it. I just signed up yesterday, but have been here for a couple years, just never posted and never done the full research on the subject until I started a couple weeks ago.


why not use test and deca then? or test and eq. make sure you have test in your cycle due to decas suppression. if this is your first cycle why dont you just run testosterone at a low dose and take it with an oral like dbol?

why not test-E/deca (maybe some dbol to start it off).
W 1-12 Test E
W 1-11 Deca
W 1-4 DBol
This is a clasic cycle and will help your joints out. It will def give you mass. Make sure you have an antiE or Aromataze inhibitor in there and get PCT down and you are set to go.

this doesn’t solve your basic problem though of having to go overseas in the middle of your cycle. it is a big problem. You sould think about doing 2 shorter cycles. Search the short cycle thread out and read it. A lot of guys on hear will tell you that shorter cycles won’t yield the same mass results but if you have to go off two weeks in the middle of you cycle it is gonna eff up your cycle anyways. even with long esters like Enth and Deca androgen levels will drop pretty low over two weeks.
This is a cycle I was thinking about doing for a short one
W 1-4 Test Prop
W 1-4 Tren
W 1-4 Winny
Drawback is daily injections. You could switch the winny for dbol to try for more mass and less joint problems. I have heard from some of the guys that they got pretty good results with short cycles of dbol alone which may be a good first try to see how you react to AAS.
Whatever you do read up some more on it and make sure you know what you’re doing before you start injecting.

here’s a few places to start your research…

“steroids for dummies” by Cy Willson

“steroids for health” by Cy Willson

the steroid newbie thread

use the t-mag search engine and type in Cy-Borg…read through the numerous Q&A style articles for some more decent info.

Brian Batcheldor’s “constructing a cycle” series has usefull info. I’ve linked the parts below.

use the t-mag search engine and type in “strasseroids”. read the articles by brock strasser for some more info.

“steroids for bodybuilding” by rash riprock is a good article to look at as well.

“steroids: the new rules” by Brock strasser is a decent read too.

for another look at cycling approaches. check out Bill roberts article below.

good luck.

why not eat something? 4500 calories aint sh!t make shakes that contain alot of calories. dont eat so clean. how can you not eat 4500 calories a day? break into 8 meals thats less than 600 calories. make 600 calories shakes with protein powder milk peanut butter oats whatever you want. 600 calories is also liek 2 cheese burgers. dont be scared to pack on some fat. steroids are not the answer.

Thanks for the help ALL…I can tell I have a lot of reading still to do. It’s just amazing to find out how you can regulate the body, and I am learning SO MUCH about something that I knew so litte about…Seriously, you hear about the BAD, but never the potential good. It all comes down to the same thing…you have to completely understand what you are doing to make the gains you want and to achieve goals you set.

I am definitely reading all of the posts and articles. I can see this as a challenge to learn and to understand. I appreciate the links and ideas.


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You complain about being small, and then you talk about being 6-7%. Duh.
Let yourself get up to 10% or more and you will carry more muscle, and still be reasonably lean. You can even do this without gear.

OK…I am 4 1/2 weeks in…running
600 Sustanon/week
400 Deca/week
10 Nolva/day

I am responding nice…182 right now. Shoulder pain is gone…goal is 190-195 at 12 weeks to hopefully stay at 180-185. I made really rapid gains at first but it is slowing down now in terms of weight, but I think the rapid increase must have been water mostly and it is starting to diminish because I am staying lean and pumped all the time. Seems that about 1 LB every three days is what’s happening if I stay on 4000 calories… 3/4 inch+ on my arms and I don’t know how much on chest and shoulders but everyone notices it, I mean everyone! This is amazing and an experience that is literally unreal. i had a few mood swings at first I think as I adjusted to the Sust knowing it’s downsides, but they have normalized. The strength increase and ability to work at what feels to be about double intensity is amazing and the size gains have been significant without noticeable water retention.

You’ve been covered by the bushboy. I also agree with sumo on the fact that you need to eat damn it! Pic you b/f up 5% and you’ll carry more muscle.


You said you were up to 4500 cals before and now a few months later since your on and only consuming 4000? If you wish to make some more gains change that 4000 to 6000 and wow… i bet you put on weight. BTW I hope you have PCT all ready to go.
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No one bothered to ask him how tall he was. If he’s 5’ 2", 190 is some serious mass. If he’s 6 foot or more, 190 and he’s still gonna look like a bean pole. Getting shredded when you’re a bean pole is useless, unless you’re going for that Ghandi look. Eat more like they are all telling you.

Yeah, I got my PCT ready to go…eating 4000 is hard, so I’ve resorted to fast food to help get more intake and it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat right now because at first it looked like my bodyfat was coming up, but it must have been water, becauase all of a sudden it started dropping and my weight stayed between 180-182 for the last week and I think my BF went down because I am more ripped and harder now than when I started. I am doing no cardio except warm-up. I upped my calories the last 3 days and was at 183 yesterday and can see that when I eat I see postive results. Believe me, I’m not afraid to eat, i just can’t get that much food into me without conitnually forcing myself.

I’ve been waking up and drinking a shake at 1-2am now as well to try to keep it going in …I’m 5’-9". I’ve got 7 weeks in front of me…thats 2lbs/week to put me where I want to be. My biggest problem is that all my shirts are tight as hell now! But since you asked…PCT… I see about a hundred different ideas on it here…It seems that everyone has an opinion, but no one seems to know what the hell to really do??? What I am seeing so far is that simple seems to work pretty good for me…

[quote]T-38 wrote:
Yeah, I got my PCT ready to go…

But since you asked…PCT… I see about a hundred different ideas on it here…It seems that everyone has an opinion, but no one seems to know what the hell to really do??? What I am seeing so far is that simple seems to work pretty good for me…[/quote]

Your PCT is ready to go?? Do you have a plan or are you asking for a plan?

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