Researching Cycle

Looking for some info, I am a research maniac and am having issues finding a good set up, planning on test e with tren e and cant seem to find a pct regimen to go with it. Well found out that arimidex while cycling then HCG and nolvadex an clomid after. But what is a good dosage for this set up? Frequency? Any and all info is greatly appreciated. Looking to start early to mid june

Thank you for your help.


HCG is to be used during the cycle. It is suppressive so using it during PCT is counter productive. I don’t think you should be using tren. It seems like this may be your first cycle so just stick with test. For PCT a pretty standard protocol looks like 40mg of nova for the first two weeks and 20mg for the next two weeks. PCT should begin about 2 weeks after last test E injection.

You must not have researched too maniacally as this information is located right here on this board in the stickeys! Wow-wee!

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