Researching 1st Cycle

Hey guys, I know this is a newbie thread so I figured this is the best place to go to better educate myself to prepare for my first cycle. I have been researching for a month now (give or take) and I beleive myself to be decently informed; however I am still unclear as to the benefit of using the longer ester chains as opposed to the shorter ones aside from the fact that injections are more spaced apart. I am still several months away from my cycle but its hard to find this information online.

As far as the cycle itself goes I think that just a straight test prop. 8 week-er would be the best idea for me. Ive been training for four years now and Im ready to take the next step. Ive fucked around with 2 pro’s in the past(chlorodrol,halovar) but the more and more i research, the more i see guys advocating to stay away from the orals and stick to injections hence the reason i have ruled out d-bol for my first cycle already. Also, I know gyno wont be an issue because I was a dumbass at 17 and took no post after the chlorodrol. Any advice is better than none!

do test prop everyday shots with a 23g 1-1.5 inch pin (depending on how fat you are) use chest delts quads and glutes

weeks 1-8
70-100mg ED

weeks 5-beginning of pct
30-50mg ED

Adex .5mg EOD

pct 3 days after last shot nolva 40/40/20/20 with adex tapering off

If you are set on an 8wkr then I would follow Mr. Walkways advice to a T. If this is your first time injecting yourself, you may want to consider a longer ester test (enth or cyp) to reduce injection frequency until you are comfy/confident in doing them. Also, alot of people get “prop” pain (usually BA)which can be crippling to some and could make you miserable through your first few weeks, if not the whole cycle.
Regardless, take a look at the threads/stickies as noted by BBB especially the injections one so you will know wtf to do if something goes amiss.
And just because you didnt get gyno from a proho at 17 doesnt mean you are immune to it. IMO I would further educate myself on my anabolics (you are unsure of the purpose of Esters and what each one can do for you) and the effect they have on your body so you can use them better for your purpose.
best of luck

  • sorry, if you do try a longer ester I would extend the cyc to a 10-12wkr to make it practical. Or if you are daring, try prop + enth using the prop to start your cycle and transition into the enanthate, still 10-12wks though.

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Have you read the stickies here?

Liver toxicity (assuming you don’t have a genetic pre-disposition) is overrated, generally speaking. An oral can really be a nice compliment to most cycles.


Note about oral toxicity: If you drink, consider milk thistle or Liv 52. I’ve woken up after a night of heavier-than-I-should-have drinking with yellow tinted eyes and damn near orange piss. Shit is scary.