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Research to Justify Coverage of HCG

Hey folks. I was hoping you all might have some decent research bookmarked relating to HCG being necessary while on TRT.

I’m currently fighting with my drug plan to get HCG covered. I explained to my pharmacist the basics:

prevents atrophy
keeps testicular function- especially pregnenolone being produced.

I am having some issues finding scholarly articles to back up these statements though.

Any help would be appreciated!!

I’ve gone down that path before with no luck. Very rare to have it covered. Your best bet is to try to find a local compound pharmacy, or any local pharmacy – that would be able to give it to you for a good price. Just tell them insurance won’t cover it and you’ll be paying cash. I think I paid $120 US For a 10,000 IU bottle, which is about one month supply. If I stay on long term – I may try some black market sources recommended on other forums.

If you can get the script, there are several legitimate online pharmacies that sell HCG and you can get 10000iu for $30. You just need to have a script to fax them.

Getting any form of TRT done right in Ontario seems like mission impossible.

Are you young and having fertility concerns?

TRT is well known to shutdown testes leading to permanent damage in time. That is therapeutically induced organ failure, not a vital organ.

You may need to pay out of pocket.

250iu hCG SC EOD has been shown to be a LH replacement dose.

Have you seen the stickies here: About the T Replacement Category

would you be able to PM me the names of these pharmacies.

There is no PM here and you can’t share sources. However you can go to the Excel Male forum and search hcg pharmacy to get your answer…


I have a thread outlining my TRT concerns and issues. New to TRT - Looking to Get My Life Normalized

I’m 30 with no fertility concerns. My main issue is trying to get HCG covered by my drug plan. I don’t want organ failure and have read enough about people feeling crappy on TRT only to introduce HCG for improvement to their general feelings of well-being.

I don’t care about my testicle size but am worried about full shutdown and am already paying out of pocket for HCG.

works for me. cheers.

I just read an study saying that HCG doesn’t do anything for your adrenal glands. HCG only increases LH

It is not excesses unless you want to have the ability to get her pregnant .