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Research Thesis Ideas?


Hey Guys,

With this being my final year, I've got my Research Thesis to complete. I'd like to do something within the S&C or Rehab feild preferable but not sure what.

My current idea lies in testing lab and involes the physiological predictors of performance, basicaly taking certian thersholds and seeing how they match with actual performance in a time trail. I like it and It's interesting but I'm undecided.

I'd very much appreciate any ideas.

Thanks alot.


Research this common question:

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ahem Sorry, creatine rage.


heard of a guy that studied effects of hamstring stretching on vertical jump/sprinting. if I were you, I would make use of the girls soccer/volleyball team and have them do the stretching (in very short shorts).


Good Idea in theory but I'm sure thats already been covered in current litature.


What about what redleg said but make it stretching the agonist vs antagonist on force production


I'd love to see work on the stretch-shortening cycle during calf exercises.

Have your subjects plantarflex their feet at the start, then dorsiflex, then push on a force cell after varying amounts of time in the position of maximum dorsiflexion. It's an isometric contraction, true, but I think you'd be more likely to get good data across multiple subjects.


"Frame"/Bone structure size (controlled for height) correlation with injury frequency/severity, or other performance indicators (speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, etc)

fast metabolism correlation with fast twitchiness/speed ( I believe CT said he believes there is a correlation, not sure)

sensory deprivation and muscle activation (eg closing eyes makes you balance more with your muscles supposedly)

sensory confusion and muscle activation - eg making it look to their eyes like they are imbalanced/moving, or otherwise disorient them.

deadlifting with mixed grip - causes imbalance/twisting of body, injuries?

hook grip - better? kills nerves in thumbs? permanently or temporary?

differences in hand/finger muscle strength requirements with the two grips and regular overhand grip? their carryover to other sports/activities requiring hand strength? Which is "best"?

Yes I could've used complete sentences, and I didnt read your post very carefully so I might be totally off.


The sensory deprivation one would be good.


Good idea, I'll have a look in the literature for that.
Pre-Stretching or Daily-Stretching Program?

I'm not sure how the research but Chad Waterbury himself said that calf exercises which train the SSC and overload the eccentric phase, paired with high frequency, then best results in growth are found. = Single Leg Hops

I like this. Very unquie. But sensory deprivation with exactly what?


You can research Lombard's Paradox ----> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lombard%27s_Paradox
"When rising to stand from a sitting or squatting position, both the hamstrings and quadriceps contract at the same time, despite their being antagonists to each other." Good one.

Also the one with the metabolism is interesting, lucky to be in that field of researching, has many interesting topics to search.


Thanks for the suggestion.

This biomechanics topic however has been about for many many years.

If your interested in it speficialy seach pubmet or mdline for:

Journal of biomechanics, 20 (6), p.565-575, Jan 1987
'The functional roles of the hamstrings and quadriceps during cycling: Lombard's Paradox revisited.'