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I am taking a communications class this semester that is requiring me to write a 2500 word essay on a topic of my choice. I would really like to choose a topic related to body building / personal fitness. Anybody have any ideas on what I could write my paper on? I would like to stay away from steroid related topics as I will most likely be sneaking in some research at work and don’t want “drug” related web sites to show up on any internet monitoring stuff. Thanks in advance!

How about what motivates people to trian today compared to what motivated people in the 70’s or 80’s?

How about a correlational topic such as how does the weather/climate/geography affect the bodybuilding culture in it?

I like your idea lostinthought, any one have anything else?

[quote]lostinthought wrote:
How about a correlational topic such as how does the weather/climate/geography affect the bodybuilding culture in it? [/quote]

I saw something on this either on a local news station when I was in Virginia, or on a news website (sorry I don’t remember which it was).

There was some pretty interesting info on it about how people who live in warmer climates and closer to beaches tend to be in better shape. They said that this could be due to having more exposure to sun light and thus more energenic and motivated to get out and excersize, or simply due to the fact that beach areas attract the type of person who isn’t shy about taking their shirts off in fron of people. They went into a lot more detail as well.

Another topic could be something in the way of how missinformed the majority of trainers and doctors (and common knowledge) can be when it comes to excersize and nutrition.

You could go into things like how most of the information they are using is around 20 years old and much more accurate information and studies have been performed since.

Doctors also don’t have time to do the research themselves and often rely on what drug companies tell them, but that can be bad since the drug companies have a definite advantage by giving info that leads to the taking of more drugs, when proper diet and excersize may cure or alleviate most health problems.

This could realy open the eyes of anyone who reads the paper. You could also post a rough draft here to get suggestions before submitting it (as long as people here are okay with you using their input). You could also refference this site in your works cited to give a little advertising ;).

hey SWR-1222D,
I think we’ve got a winner here. The topic of common misconceptions, etc sounds pretty good. Plus the research should really help me as well. Thanks!

Good idea swr…

Jcv, how about submitting the paper here when finished?