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Research Paper Topic?


So, I've got to write a research paper for English class. We have to come up with ten topics and he'll choose one of them for us.

I'm having trouble coming up with 10 topics that won't make me want to kill myself after researching for hours on end.

I've come up with stuff about shark finning/climate change, safety of steroids, fish oil supplementation, science of love/attraction so far, but I'm not sure of others. I also don't really know how to word them. My professor wants a topic in the form of a question, and then an answer for it.

I know there are a bunch of people on here with some interesting hobbies, so any topic recommendations would be awesome.



Well, as an artist naturally I would tend to go in that direction.

Perhaps your topic could ask if art imitates life , and then how art starts trends that drive culture. Sort of a "chicken or egg" thing.

Or something like that.

  1. How will the earthquake in japan affect the world economy?
  2. Is global warming overblown or is it truly a global threat?
  3. Does HFCS lead to obesity?
  4. Are organic meats healthier than traditional meats?
  5. What caused the current recession?
  6. Should the U.S. change from GAAP (US/very few other nations) to IFRS (Most foreign nations) accounting practices? (I don't know what your major is I'm an accounting nerd myself)

That's just a few that came to me just now.

Anyway good luck-



i remember i did "Has food food led to the obesity epidemic?"

whatever you decide...pick something that you are interested in and has a lot of research availible for it


Yeah the more information the better for sure. I'm working on a group report now about content piracy in the gaming industry and there is a ton of information for Nintendo, the company we choose, but Sony and Microsoft info is surprisingly hard to come by.


The Female Orgasm, Myth?
Butt Stuff: Yay or Gay?



what would be the resulting population and problems from it if we achieved the dream of all war being stopped, cure all disease, end famine(for a short while anyway), and extend the human lifespan to 100 while not reducing current population growth?

or this?
what positive results will occur from writing a paper like this?


When I did my paper quite some time ago, our professor had a list of topics that we could sorta chose from and I chose health insurance.

More specifically looking at how implementing the policy of mandatory health insurance in some form in states such as Hawaii, Massachusetts, (some other state I don't remember) and having the state subsidize health insurance for those who were making below a certain amount and seeing if it was saving the state more money than those people turning up in the emergency room without health insurance. Then argue if such whether the united states should or should not implement such a policy from a finical perspective.

If you are interested in doing your paper on this I can give you my (14-17)? sources I used for this paper which should help tremendously since they were taken from some 50 sources I had to acquire relating to the topic before I could even start writing the paper according to my professors instructions, and they will help you to find additional sources as well.

  1. The beneficial effect of video games on teenagers (I'm serious, there are some potential benefits that you should research)
  2. Why football is an inherently-flawed sport based on research of their myriad rules changes every year
  3. What was the larger message to Fear and Loathing and Las Vegas (people forget that this is a serious piece if literature; research would include examining Thompson's other work during this time period)
  4. A history of the evolution of pitching (it's baseball season)
  5. Research the possible (or not possible) revenue expected to be generated by legalized weed sales (there's a lot of evidence to suggest there will be no financial benefit, so this might spark some controversy in the class, which is always a good thing)
  6. Machiavelli's The Prince and Thomas More's Utopia: Serious works, or satire?
  7. A history of the CIA's Operation: MKULTRA (a topic you will definitely not kill yourself while researching; VERY wild stuff)

That's all I got for now.


This does representation of accurately bodybuilding?


I wrote only two research papers as an undergrad that I actually enjoyed and they had to do with the following:

In a secular state, what is the moral justification for law?

and another that is hard to frame as a question but it was about contradictions in American law and politics: for example, the fact that a man can spend time in prison for growing, possessing, buying or using naturally-occurring plants or chemical derivatives of them (marijuana, coca) while at the same time he can legally purchase and own and in many states walk around in public with man-made firearms.

I recently had to write an extremely long thesis about the first bubonic plague pandemic in the 6th century and I learned one very important lesson: it doesn't matter how interesting the topic is to you, the question you have to ask yourself is "is there enough information available and enough research to be done to warrant my choosing of this topic."


Only Got a couple.

-History of the Federal Reserve and its effects on the current economic climate.

-Orwell Vs Huxley. Is society being subdued and are the tactics more closer to 1984, or A Brave New World


That shit is absolutely wild. CIA-operated brothels with two-way mirrors for the purpose of clandestinely observing the effects of high doses of LSD on unwitting participants? Yep.

I think this was from another document, but have you ever read bout the CIA's proposed assassination attempts/attempts to discredit Fidel Castro? It's straight out of a fucking satirical comedy...exploding cigars, exploding coral reefs where he liked to snorkel, cigars laced with megadoses of LSD to make him lose his mind. Crazy shit.


Oh I have another good one: google Bohemian Grove. Imagine the leaders of the world assembled in California in mid0July each year, dressed in pagan robes burning effigies and chanting in the firelight under the direction of a "High Priest"


Thanks, everyone. I'm gonna look into a few of these.

That MKULTRA stuff sounds nuts!


I think you should look into female sexual fluidity (you know just going off the avi and SAMA in general). There's a lot of research that's been done lately about older women that have been married with families then choosing female partners. It's about lesbians so you'll be entertained, and there is actuall peer reviewed legitimate research on it, so it should be fine for a class.

I also think it would be really cool to ask if we're going to turn into the borg. I think you could make a really interesting article about it. There is a lot of legitimate research to prove both sides of the argument.

If you want sources to start with for either, lemme know.

Oh, and the LSD thing is an awesome idea. To think it all started with a bike ride, lol.


All the MKUltra records have been declassified. There were actually a bunch of programs: MKDELTA, MKULTRA, MKNAOMI, MKSEARCH, MKCHICKWIT, and MKOFTEN. I have the print up sitting on my desk, and google should yield it pretty quickly. Fascinating stuff, not just the research, but the reporting and paperwork.

I think you should do:

Is It Bullshit?

And do present a brief study of statistical methods used in scientific studies. i.e. Research shows that individuals with a bigger little toe are more likely smoke cigarettes. Is it bullshit? Go over sample sizes, the p = .xxx, correlation and causation, and what not. It would be doing the world and your classmates a favor.

Theres some references here: http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/09/ff_wiredu/2/ to get started.


I agree. Here is a good place to start: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/games_for_life


You mean Operation Mongoose, secretly approved of at the time by none other than Attorney General RFK? The one where they were trying to dose Castro with LSD before public appearances? The one that operated out of the JMWAVE station at U of Miami and was headed at one point by E. Howard Hunt? No, never heard of it.


Jane McGonigal from the Institute for the Future. Let me one up you: