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Research on GHR

Does anyone know where I can find any studies, maybe an EMG, showing the benefits of the Glute-Ham Raise?

For a class I am taking, I need to hypothetically create a new product based on many different factors (anticipated technological advances, social trends, demographics, etc.). I’ve decided to create my own version of the Glute-Ham Raise but I’m willing to hear your ideas.

I must be able to support my new product with research showing it would sell. I can use all the help I can get.

Gets rid of cottage cheese legs and ass…

Would that work?

Do you need actual research, or do you need some “selling points” to make it attractive to a buyer.

Most people want something effective, but convenient, affordable, and easy to store, pack up or keep in the house. So you’re basically looking at creating an infomercial piece of equipment. Or are you thinking of something strictly for gym owners, therapists and hardcore trainers?

Nate, it can be anything that pertains to my area of interest in entrepreneurship. Now while I might be able to come up with something that would sell like hot cakes to the mass public, it would be hard to support it with adequate research. Well, maybe not but all the research would be historical sales figures of past infomerical equipment.

Essentially, I need research to show that my idea has merit and would sell b/c it would be effective. I’m gearing my product idea toward collegiate and professional athetes and strength coaches b/c that is my area of interest.

My idea is this: A natural GHR bench (not the regular GHR bench) with an EMS device apart/attached to it. A natural GHR bench would be similar to someone holding your feet down but you don’t need a partner. I think Cybex made an old one. While lying down, the EMS artificially fires your hamstrings/glutes, whatever you hook it up to, and you raise up. Of course, there could be different ways to use the EMS but that is my idea. Any thoughts?

I’m kind of pressed for time here since the term paper is due Monday!!

Heres an idea for a new product-
How about a machine for a rowing movement that doesnt involve the hands? In other words your upper body fixed elbows at 90degrees go on a pad that you push your elbows back into moving the stack or plates thus completing a row using the back only with less bicep forearm involvement. If you bring it to market i want a %.

Hmmmm…I’m out of ideas right now. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance at this time. But I’ll put my thinking cap on.

hope this will help

Hey Machine, sorinex is selling a natural ghr, the pic on teh website doesnt show the foot plate but it has one.

Dude, I’d never been to the sorinex website before, but their auto spot benches look kickass! The natural GHR device looks excellent too.

Sorry if it bursts your bubble, Machine.

I dont know if the public is ready for a movement like the GHR, after all it requires work to perform.

Thanks huge76 for that url. I will be able to use it in my report.

glad to hear it. anything I can do to help