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Research on Cutting Cycles

hey guys, been doing research and am getting so much information, one site saying different to the other, some saying stanazol is good for 10 weeks, some saying 6 weeks no more, sus250 or any test great for cutting stacks and some saying avoid sus or any test during cutting stacks.

if it could be possible, it would be well appreciated that someone can write a list or a convenient list of things to use for a cutting stack, or a link that people go by.
i want to fully understand each steroid profile and do as much possible research on each and every single steroid and have an understanding on steroids 100% so this is my start.

would a sus250, with stanazol stack be best for muscular gains, vascularity and fat loss?
or would boldenon and test prop be the best with stanazol for last 6weeks use be best?
i really hope i can get info from you guys.
thanks guys for reading my first post

you need to realize that a lot of these sites cater to competitive bodybuilders. so a cutting drug is one that does not increase water retention allowing for a “dryer” look. Any test could be administered to minimize muscle catabolism while on a calorie deficient diet. Test should pretty much be the base of every cycle fyi

Firstly stanazolol is toxic and is never run for longer than 6 weeks. Orally or IM As standard.
You COULD, and live, but it isnt worth the risk just like it isnt with dbol or anadrol.

The idea behind a cutting stack are two-fold. One (the main one for 99% of AAS users) is to retain or build as much muscle as possible whilst on a reduced caloric intake.
The second and is only relevant for competitive bodybuilders is to get dry, hard, vascular and shredded to the bone(and the above too of course)-(this isnt just drugs but drugs have the biggest part to play in this).

So what are your goals? Seeing as you are asking such a newb question i am going to risk the assumption that you arent about to step onstage in the next 12 weeks.

That said test would be a good inclusion. The reason it isnt used often is due to the hightened estrogen levels giving higher water and fat levels… this can be offset with a strong AI and a diuretic for competitors but it isnt info you need at this time i suspect.

The main purpose of a “cutting” drug stack (which is a term i hate anyone bar competitive BB’s using) is that it has a high anabolic content, a high androgenic content, but has a very low/non-existant affinity for aromatase… so it gives the dry, hard, dense muscle that is desired… tren, oxandrolone, stanozolol, methenolone, dromastolone and mesterolone are all contenders.

Cutting stacks can get very complicated for those who are of a high enough level.

For someone who is “cutting” without needing to get to a dry 4%, then a simple test and tren stack would be good. Or a Test prop mast prop would too.
Shit… if you get your bodyfat down to 8% and added 20lbs with a test only cycle youd look pretty damn good… is this a “cutting” stack? Nope, but it is perfect for your needs.

See what i mean? It is relative, and as AAS themselves arent used for the fat loss but for what the muscle looks like after the fat is gone, it is kinda pointless for a non-competitive user to concern him/herself with.

Just as an aside, the best condition i got myself into was while working on-site, training 4x/week and using deca and proviron. Deca? Cutting drug? No fuggin way dood! Relative.


One thing that bugs me soooo much when I talk about the sauce with friends is the fact that because a steroid is known as a ‘cutter’ that it doesn’t necessarily mean it will make you completely shredded.

I had a buddy who is now on masteron/winny and he is fat. He’s thinking that just by taking the drugs he will ‘cut up’ when this isn’t the case.

A steroid known as a ‘cutter’ imo is great for people who are ‘cutting’. You first have to be dieting and training to drop bodyfat for a ‘cutter’ steroid to be effective.

I get tired of people telling me they are going to take winny and magically get ripped when it aides in this fashion, it doesn’t do it by itself.

This may not be the case here, but it is food for thought.

I’d say listen to what Brook said. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont believe in “cutting cycles” for the general population.

Your cutting cycle should just be a normal cycle with an adjustment in diet.

yea thats one biggie i learned was, as far as fat loss goes, diet will do a hell of a lot more then aas,t3/t4,stims will ever do.

hey thanks alot guys, appreciated that one, everyone tipped in some good info.
and for whom asked i am not competing i just want to improve my shape with a real sharp look with low body fat, am currently around 20% body fat and have a clean diet atm. very clean good carbs high protein and carbs morning only.

am planning on sus250 and stanazol for the last 6 weeks of the cycle and sus250 for 10 weeks. and last 2 weeks of cycle hit my tamoxifin followed by 4 weeks prior to that. also considering proviron aswel get some good feedback on that stuff. wont be a while till a hit the stuff like i said i want a full understand and want to achieve a bit more without the gear. thanks guys what do you think of that cycle ive written?