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Research Lab Interview

Hey all! I’m a 22 y/o junior at university right now, studying Kinesiology. I’d like to become a physical therapist, and one of the first steps to achieving that goal is building a strong resume to get accepted into a DPT program. I plan on joining a research lab as an undergrad assistant to gain knowledge and experience; my university has (according to one of my professors) one of the best Kinesiology programs in the US, and their research labs are top-notch, which would be great on a resume.

My question is, what can I expect from the interviews for an undergrad assistant position? I’ve never done an interview that carried a real possibility of me being turned away–I’ve only ever been interviewed for barely-more-than-minimum-wage jobs. The interviews for labs won’t be for another couple of months, but I’m very curious about what I should expect or be prepared for. Cheers!