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I am currently in graduate school for Kinesiology and looking for a research idea. I am working on a strength training and detraining study involving young adults already for my thesis. But I am considering doing another study if I have the time. I would love to hear some ideas of what people want researched. Keep in mind I have limited access in regards to technology and it has to be fairly low risk for the IRB to approve it. Fire away...


When I was doing my undergrad in Kines we had to write a "senior thesis" - 25 pages, but no experiments, so it was more like a large review of the literature. My topic ended up being "the effect of static stretching on athletic performance" as this was the point in time where lots of popular writers and researchers were arguing over whether or not static stretching before doing some sort of athletic activity reduced performance.

During my review it seemed that nearly all the studies which used sprinting as their marker of athletic performance reported decrements after static stretching, whereas nearly all the studies which used vertical jump as their marker of athletic performance reported no difference. I concluded that this effect may have been due to the fact that sprinting relies much more on stored energy than vertical jumping.

Long story short, it seems like an interesting thing to test, I can confirm there are tons of other studies in the literature that you can reference, and you could make it unique by testing both of these and comparing the results in a single study.

It requires virtually no equipment - just a vertical jump tester and a stop watch (or laser timer if you have one) and find a bunch of students to run and jump. The variables are simple so the data will be easily explained. You could probably make things more interesting by using exercises in the gym, but that will make the experiment harder and require more advanced equipment.


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Good idea. Very doable experiment, I have access to the entire strength and conditioning room since I help train athletes with the head strength coach. Also, we have a vertimetric device for measuring the vertical.. it is very sensitive though and I am kind of skeptical of using it. Thanks for the idea, definitely something I will keep in my head.


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If you don't mind me asking, what career path do you have in mind with your degree? My daughter is a freshman pursuing a kinesiology degree and intends to go to PT school after. But, she mentioned "just looking" at other options. She's dang smart and loves athletics. Of course I want her to enjoy her career (and make a boatload of money).


I would really like to go to postsecondary school and teach at the collegiate level. Just depends on how sick of school I am by then.


Cool. Good luck. I was sick of school when I graduated, and I couldn't wait to earn some money. Now, with mortgages and kids in school, I wish I could go back and study some more.


Thank you. I graduated from my undergrad early and worked for two years and saved a little money. Then I landed a graduate teaching assistant spot so I get paid a stipend and the majority of my school also paid for which definitely makes it easier to justify.

I'll just say if your kid plans on going to PT school after her undergrad in Kines, that is good. Otherwise it is a tough degree to find a good career in unless you plan on getting your masters (which opens up some more doors, clinical exercise physiologist, etc.) or going to postsecondary school.