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Research Help

I have to give a speech on Kerry and Bush’s stance on the health/fitness of the nation. This is not as hot of a topic as i and many of you think it should be so information is hard to come by.

Im trying to find any thing on their view of obesity, steroids, nutritional supplements, general nutrition, fitnes programs, anything along those lines. I dont follow politics much, but I was hoping some fellow t-citizens could lend me a hand.

Already checked out the past 3 State of the Union Addresses.

if you know of anything i can use send me a PM me. Who knows, maybe some heated thread will be started because of this.

Thank you very much.
William Fullington

Check out a “Runners World” magazine from 2002 or 2003, sorry I can’t be more specific. It shows President Bush on the front cover and gives his time for a three mile run at under 20:00. He also talks about fitness etc. Go to their site and do a search.

Good Luck,


Write to them as if you are an undecided voter who feels those issues are important and see if they’ll send you their fitness platform stance…

Runners world November 2004 also has some interesting info that might help you out!