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Research - Eating Disorder

I was up researching for an asignment i have to do and i came across this stupid article. it basically says that eating to become bigger is an eating disorder and it said 9 percent reported using performance-enhancing drugs or substances, such as creatine.

i wonder what their view of an eating disorder is lol. they probably think a bodyfat% of below 10% is a symptom.


“5 percent said they avoided situations where they had to expose their bodies, such as wearing a swimsuit.
4 percent reported they are preoccupied about the inadequacy of their body size and have significant distress or impairment as a result.”

Those are signs of skewed view and approach to self-image. It may be indicative of an underlying metal issues typically associated with disordered eating.

Simply wanting to get bigger and stronger for athletic preformance and/or aesthetics and self-improvement is not an eating disorder at all. But basing self-worth solely on your body to the exclusion of all else may be.