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Research Chems


I was doin a lil research on research chems, I know you can get them easily through internet. Has anyone ever been screwed over by the cops with this stuff?


come on son, think before you post, who is going to post about getting in trouble with the law on a public forum.


lol i doubt big brother is watching you and your 15 T-Nation posts...ive never understood this type of paranoia...esepcially in a Steroids forum where the majority of the posters are openly discussing their engagement in illegal behavior...that makes far less sense than someone anonymously talking about past troubles with the law...

Me believes one of you thinks before posting, and i'll give you 2-1 odds on which one that is...


I got 10 on Ron Paul


They aren't illegal, but it's not something I would go showing off or anything either. Sort of like a bong, you can buy one at any head shop but if a cop finds it he's going to know exactly what you're up to.


I disagree. If you tell a cop you have nolvadex or arimidex he's going to have no clue what youre up to unless he uses steroids himself or if his wife has had breast cancer or if it's a female cop that's had breast cancer. These are not commonly used drugs. Unidentified pills may raise suspicion but since none of these drugs are narcotics, the penalty for possessing them is rather lenient.


Alright guys thx thats all the info I needed


Never had an issue with the law I use a research lab for all my pct,weightloss, and sarms. They always come with a "for research only" label on all gear. They are usa domestic so I get it in 3-5 days with a tracking #
They carry peptides too you can't beat em